Loving Your Fur Baby

Dogs have been a faithful and reliable companion to humans for decades. They are playful, loyal, adventurous and grow with you throughout the years. As all humans do, dogs need proper care and treatment to ensure a long, healthy life. Ranging from the type of food they need, vet visits and check-ups, and even brushing their teeth. They need grooming care as well as play time to ensure their coat remains shiny and their muscles get a good workout.

Some people prefer taking their dogs out for a stroll in the morning while others prefer running with their furry companion right alongside them. Whatever you do with your puppy pal, getting good exercise for them is beneficial as young pups all the way up to older, mature dogs. The constant use of their muscles will keep their heart beating strong and can help defer aches and pains that comes with old age. An active lifestyle is the best for dogs of all breeds, though smaller ones don’t need as much room to run around in. Sometimes just an outside adventure to use the bathroom is good for some dogs, depending on the type of pup you’ve got. Kids are an excellent way to make sure your dog is active and nearly all dogs love playing with younger and older kids. It tires both parties out and ensures outside time along with beneficial physical activity.

Grooming is another important part of dog ownership. Dogs regularly need their nails clipped, a bath three of four times a month and sometimes more if you’ve got the type to roll around in the mud or dirt. Business specialize in grooming your pet or you can do it at home in the bathtub with some shampoo and a scrub.

Just as the right food is important for humans, the same is said for dogs. Beneful by Purina on samsclub.com a wonderful source of nutrients and delicious tasting food for your doggy pal. Beneful has both dry and wet dog food along with a variety of treats for them to gnaw on. The wet food is packed with a variety of protein such as pork, beef and chicken. They also add real, fresh ingredients like rice, carrots green beans and barley. Their baked treats come delicious doggy favorites like bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter. The treats range from airy and crispy to a short bread cookie texture, and are all oven baked to perfection.

Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a family member. You want to give them the best of everything and ensure a good life. Purina Beneful packs nutrients and fresh ingredients to ensure your pup gets nothing but the best.

Dating In Russia Can Be Fun When You Find The Right Person

Anyone that goes on the Internet with the purpose of dating online should always be aware of any website that they choose for online dating. Although most websites do their best to protect each one of their patrons, some websites are still very shady, and they may not disclose pertinent information that their clients need to know. It’s no surprise that some who have gone to certain dating sites have been scammed out of their money, and they end up not finding love at all. The reason people go on dating sites in the first place is to find love, so it’s sad when they end up with an empty pocket and a broken heart.

AnastasiaDate is a website that has done a lot to fight against scams. The men that go to the AnastasiaDate website continue coming back because they know that they are protected and safe when using the website. Not only is the man’s information safe when he visits the AnastasiaDate website, but there are also other guidelines that help to protect a man from being scammed by any woman on the site. The man can safely use the AnastasiaDate website in hopes to find love, and they won’t have to worry about being taken for their money.

Once a man makes up his mind that he wants to use the AnastasiaDate website, then all he has to do is enter his email address, and he can sign up for an account. An account just gives the man access to the website, but creating a profile is to allow women to see who the person is. The women on the website want to see a male’s profile, but they also have profiles as well. Once a man is ready, he can conduct a search to find a woman on the AnastasiaDate website.

Conducting a search is extremely easy, but it’s up to the man to determine how in depth a search he wants to do. Maybe he wants to look for a woman who likes to play sports, or he may be looking for a woman who likes to cook. Some men want a woman with blonde hair while others may want a woman who is six feet or taller. With the difference search criteria that is available on the AnastasiaDate website, it makes it easier for any man to find the perfect woman. Although it may be difficult for two people in different countries to come together, it’s still a good idea to make the dating process start on the AnastasiaDate website. AnastasiaDate can truly be the place where two people find love.

The Impeccable Andy Wirth


And Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, has had a long and difficult road to recovery after nearly losing his life in a deadly skydiving accident last October. Wirth, an experienced skydiver, was blown off course and forced to land near a vineyard. Emergency maneuvers may have saved Wirth’s life but his arm was taken off in the process and things were touch and go. Now, a year later, Wirth is recovered and taking on the chairman position of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The Board is hoping that Wirth brings that same tenacity to his new position.

Wirth is much more than just a thrill seeker with a successful ski resort, he also brings in decorations and knowledge that will greatly benefit the Board. Wirth brings his exhausted knowledge in international resort management with him as well as his history working for the RSCVA Board back in 2013. He has been workign hand in hand with a number of airlines in order to charter more flights for resorts all over Colorado, Canada, and Utah.

Wirth spoke in a statement to say that he was, “Honored to represent the RSCVA and to serve as Chairman of an entity that is vital to our regional economy.” Wirth went on to discuss how bringing in new blood can help to shake up the old system, sparking new ideas and making progress in areas that otherwise seemed slowed down. Though Wirth was the biggest addition to the board, he was not the only one.

Lisa Gianoli, Jenifer Rose, and Jessica Sferrazza were also brought on as new members. Gianoli runs a government relations firm that helps local government regarding legislative issues. Rose owns and operates the It’s My Community Store, a business to business office supply company. Sferrazza runs JESSCONVLLC where she is a consultant for local businesses. Sferrazza also has experience on the Reno City Council.

Wirth spoke of the other three new members by saying, “New people will bring new ideas that can help take our airport to a higher level” while adding on how excited the team was to have some talented new members.

I Only Use Beneful Because It’s the Best Dog Food

There are many things I’ve learned to be cheap about. I don’t pay attention to the brand of numerous common items I buy like toilet paper. I am even happy to buy cereal in bags because I don’t really notice the difference between what I’m getting and brand names.

One item I won’t consider switching is dog food. I have three beautiful dogs that are basically part of my family. They have been with me for awhile and I couldn’t bear to see anything bad happen to them, especially if it was because I was experimenting with their food supply.

This the main reason I stick with Beneful. My dogs go crazy when I feed them Beneful. I don’t believe for a second that they would willingly eat anything else. I usually buy them the Beef flavor. Every now and again I’ll give them some of the Chicken, Pork, or Lamb, but they seem to love the Beef version the best. They tear through the food like there’s no tomorrow.

Sure, I look for coupons and specials on Beneful when I can. I’m no fool. I love to save money at all times. With Beneful, though, I’m willing to pay a few extra cents because I know my dogs are not going to want to change. They are creatures of habit and they look very healthy. I have no reason to try to fix something that’s just not broken. I’m sticking with this dog food for the duration. I know my dogs are happy.

Beneful Has Helped My Dog To Get To A Healthy Weight

I knew that I could feed my dog the Beneful brand foods, but I needed a low-calorie version because not only would he lose some weight, but he would be getting the nutrition that he needed. Beneful has a specially formulated low-calorie dog food that is not only wholesome, but it also has all the nutrients my dog needs, and he’ll still be able to lose some weight. I wish it was as easy for me to lose weight as it will be for my dog to lose weight! I told everyone in my family to refrain from feeding the dog table scraps, and he was only allowed to eat Beneful because my dog needed to lose a few pounds.

I also made it a point to exercise with the dog by running, playing frisbee, and throwing a ball for him to retrieve. We did a lot of activities together, and after a month and a half of the same routine, I decided to pay a visit to the vet. I couldn’t believe the amount of weight the vet said my dog had lost. I could see a change in my dog, but with all of his fur, it was not as readily apparent. I’m just glad that my dog is healthy, and he is quickly approaching his healthy weight, and it’s all because of Beneful.

Prolonged Standing Causes Health Concerns

We have learned throughout the years that sitting at a desk for long periods of time while at work can be detrimental to one’s health. However, recent studies have found that standing for long periods of time could also pose as a health threat. There have been multiple reports of short term health concerns associated with prolonged standing, such as muscle cramps, fatigue, and backaches. Long term health problems are now becoming a concern for those who are required to stand for their job.
Zeca Oliveira (vine.com) has learned that, in a recent study conducted by María Gabriela García, a PhD candidate in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zürich, two age groups of participants were asked to simulate a 5 hour work shifts standing up. They were allowed brief rest breaks and a 30 minute lunch. It was found that the group of 18 to 30 year olds experienced just about the same long term fatigue as the group of over 50 year old workers.
According to Garcia, “Long-term fatigue after prolonged standing work may be present without being perceived. Current work schedules for standing work may not be adequate for preventing fatigue accumulation, and this long-lasting muscle fatigue may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.” In turn, this can adversely affect not only the worker, but the company, as well.

North American Spine Providing Hope

Relief from Pain
 Yahoo Finance has reported an article about North American Spine. They are offering hope to anyone who may be suffering from back or neck pain. This relief from pain is an AccuraScope procedure that does not include a major surgery. This is considered to be an exceptional treatment that has many testimonials to back up their claim.

North American Spine Doctors
This procedure is valid. The North American Spine doctors are the ones who are performing it. This is a minimally invasive surgery that only takes approximately one hour to complete it. These skilled doctors from North American Spine will use a laser that is very small. This laser will work on the tissue that it will come in contact with. These doctors do recommend this treatment for any individual who may have tissue related issues. This entire procedure is considered to actually be a minimally invasive spine surgery.

Over 8,000 Procedures Performed
This current date and time have shown that there have been over 8,000 procedures performed. These have been performed by physicians who are board-certified. These physicians have special training. The overall success rate is 82 percent.


They say “if it is important to you, you’ll most certainly find a way, if it’s not you’ll always find an excuse”. Lacrosse is a game about finding ways. It’s the little details that really make a big difference. As a social activity, lacrosse can be traced way back to the Native American people of Iroquois. Some suggest it began as early as 1100AD and has grown and evolved to the level we are accustomed to today.

Matt Landis
Lacrosse has bee played for centuries.

It is a team sport played by two different teams. Each team has a total of ten contenders on the field, the game is played in two split halves over a period of 60 minutes. The time allocated might be dependent on age and gender, some may last 50 minutes. Lacrosse is divided into men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse. 
Lacrosse is divided into: box lacrosse, intercrosse, men and women’s lacrosse. All of which can be played outdoor on a field or indoor lacrosse in a box court.
Lacrosse is played using a type of stick called a lacrosse stick (Crosse) with a loose mesh at one of the ends. A rubber ball is used in game. The lacrosse stick in use may vary in length in the men and women’s category and according to the role of the player in the game. Lacrosse involves a lot of physical contact therefore each player is equipped with a mouthpiece and a helmet to protect themselves from injuries. A glove along with various protective equipment is a necessity as this game is considered as a rough sport.
The game begins with a face of at the centre where both teams meet. In field lacrosse two players from each team meet at the middle of the field. In box lacrosse both teams surround the circle in the middle of the box with two opposing players at the centre.
The Crosse is used for catching the ball and passing. The goal of the game is to score goals by getting the ball across to the other side and shooting into the other teams net. A lacrosse game doesn’t end in ties unless it’s a minor lacrosse game.
In case of a tie a sudden-death overtime determines who’s won the game. Under sudden-death stipulations the first team to score a goal is usually the victor. The defensive goal is to keep the other team from getting the ball into your teams net. Defence players maintain physical contact with offensive players to keep them away from their side. The ball should not be touched by hand and is played by batting, throwing and carrying with the Crosse. Players may also kick the ball in any direction within the playing range. 

Each member of the team has a given role to play namely:
A lot of skill is required to play this position. An attacker’s main role is to score goals. They must therefore have a quick wrist and good hand-eye coordination. The attacker is mostly restricted to playing offensive and there are usually three of them.
The midfielders normally play both offensive and defensive positions and are not restricted to any. The main objective of a midfielder is to get the ball out of the defensive region to offense. Midfielders are usually three for each team.
The main objective of defenseman the name suggests is to defend the goal from offense players. Aggression is required for a defensive player and should have fast reflexes. Each team is allowed a maximal number of three defenders.

Matt Landis
Matt Landis is a defenseman.

The role of the goal keeper is to prevent the offensive team from scoring. Good hand/eye coordination is also a necessity for the goalkeeper. A good goalie leads the defence and is powerful and agile. The game allows for only one goalkeeper for each team.

Generally Lacrosse players have to be agile, confident and have the ability to concentrate and keen. Lacrosse players with this capabilities always grab attention with their loose wrists. Some examples of recognized players include:
Matt Landis

matt landis team picture
Matt Landis plays for the Notre dame lacrosse team. A native of Pelham in New York, Matt is recognized for his exceptional skills on the field. He plays defence and has played 33 mainstream games, 17 of which he appeared as a starting player. He balances his life and career well and manages to work a job and be a student at the same time
His exceptional skills are easily distinguishable on the defence line at Irish lacrosse team with coordination that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. This has earned him 2 monograms and has ranked him 66th on inside lacrosse 100 power freshmen. Ether on or off the field matt Landis is a force to reckon with.

Addiction and Disease

Addiction is not a disease, reports Reddit. Marc Lewis a psychologist argues that addiction is really a habit rather a disease, and in his new book, Doctor Lewis explains that addiction is habit. He doesn’t like the word recovery, and recovery he explains, is a return to the state of the brain before the addiction happened. He goes on to say, the changes of the brain are brought about learning and repeated experiences, but James Dondero reassures the public that the changes are not permanent.

Doctor Lewis’s book, “The Biology of Desire” is based on case studies. Those studied had ‘emotional wounds’ and sought solace through drugs, and as they escaped they became more focused on that escape. The habits became deeply embedded in the brain, and it becomes compulsive and irresistible. He believes that these habits and behaviors can be unlearned with sensitive and intelligent treatment and care, reports Salon.

Addiction Is No Longer Considered A Disease

Addictions were once looked at as a disease . Scientists who once created this similarity are now the ones tearing the idea down. Addictions are still somewhat of a mystery as they thread most everyone’s life. It is estimated that one in ten Americans has an addition to something; alcohol, gambling, smoking even video games are now called addictive stated Zeca Oliveira.

Having an addiction was once looked at as being a failure. Society had little tolerance for drunks or addicts and often scolded and shamed them for having a lack of will power. This was not a successful strategy as some were able to quit behaviors on their own; however many were not. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous came up with 12-step approach that proved to help many kick their drinking and drugging habits. The approach even caught on with persons suffering behavioral addictions like gambling and sex.

Their method in the 12-step program acknowledged willpower is not going to beat an addiction by itself. The first step they implemented was to have the person admit that they indeed have a problem. It instills in a participant that they are powerless over the addictive substance and requires they trust in a higher power and the program. It then provides the person with the strategy and strength to quit.

Psychologist and former addict, Marc Lewis says science fails to take into account the plasticity of the brain when they consider addiction a disease. He says the brain does change with addition but it’s changes have a lot to do with development and learning and not disease. Addiction changes to the brain are not permanent, they are dangerous, but not abnormal. A person can be pushed toward a healthy development or recovery.