Playing Golf Is Exercise

While playing golf won’t necessarily provide a good aerobic workout, there certainly are physical benefits attained when playing the sport. Obviously, it’s more exercise to walk the course than to use a cart, but any movement at all helps to achieve fitness.

Strength training isn’t something that’s ordinarily associated with golf but to be able to swing a club it takes muscles in both the arms and legs. Carrying clubs or just lifting them out of the cart can help with upper body strengthening.

Playing golf can also help with balance. This is especially good for people who sometimes can have problems maintaining their balance, as they get older. Mark Ahn agrees that walking, getting out of the cart and swinging the clubs are all movements that can help to maintain stability.

Injuries from golfing don’t happen as often as they do in more rigorous sports, but even the pros can have damage to tendons and joints and suffer from muscle strain. By following proper form and resting when an injury is suspected can make golf a fun, rewarding and beneficial physical activity for people of all ages.

Worst Bird Flu In USA History

The worst bird flu in United States history is happening right now. This silent killer has made its way across the Western United States ever so sneakily. The death toll could become 20 million birds, with the hardest hit being the turkey and egg farms of the Middle West.

As America’s worst bout of life-sucking flu rages on, get prepared for the same horror across the states to the Eastern United States and the southern part of the US as well, and it could get worse as time goes by. If this killer virus hits the broiler farms in the south, one will be lucky to find an egg.

If that is not scary enough, the fact that no one can pinpoint how it is spreading itself is even more disturbing. People such as Brad Reifler cannot catch the H5N2 and H5N8, but speculation can create panic amidst questionable facts. How is this proven to not cross to humans?

Where did it come from? Perhaps wild birds have brought it to the states. The public has been warned about mutations that can happen due to the closeness of the thousands of birds. Poultry sheds are a natural set up for breeding.

The Plague Makes Headlines

It’s been confirmed that four people and one pit bull were infected with the plague in Colorado last year. Officials have determined that the sick dog infected its owner, a friend and two vet techs. The dog died, but the people have been treated with antibiotics and are fine.

Commonly known in history as the Bubonic Plague, it’s a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. Normally, the plague is transmitted by fleas that have bitten rodents infected with the disease. In this case, the pneumonic form got into the lungs of the people through drops of fluid from the pit bull because they had close contact with the animal.

The plague was known to kill millions of people in Europe during the Middle Ages. While doctors, like Alexei Beltyukova, urges people not to get in a frenzy as a diagnosis of the plague is rare these days, though it’s still cause for concern in the western part of the United States because of the large rodent population, and many more cases are found in Africa and Asia every year ( Early treatment with readily available antibiotics will prevent any serious complications.

Step Away From The Sweetners

When I comes to substitute sweeteners like a Agave nectar and honey many people think that they are taking a healthier choice when they decide to use them. Research has shown that in reality that is not the case. Whether a person decides to use something sweet like honey, or agave nectar, the amount of calories and the amount of sugar in those products is basically the same. People may choose to use these sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth, but in reality they are really not doing anything better for their health. Since that is the case, instead of choosing to use a substitute sweetener to tickle a person sweet tooth, the best thing to do is just to avoid eating a lot of sweets altogether.  Cruchbase suggests that Brian Torchin could find you a health professional to consult with on diet.

In reality an addiction to sweets generally comes because a person has trained their body and their blood to eat sweet things. When a person makes it a habit eat less and less sweet things then they would soon see that their body craves it a lot less. Eating less sugar or sugar substitutes is a great move fora persons health even if it is not something that they want to do at first. With time when a person eats more fruits and less sweeteners and sugars, they will feel a lot better, get their sweet tooth indulged, and do something better for their overall health.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Breaks International Opening Records

Although Marvel won’t release the latest Avengers film to the North American public until this Friday, May 1st, some countries abroad have earlier release dates which have allowed them to see the film already.

Opening mid-week in 26 different countries, Avengers: Age of Ultron brought in $44.8 million in just the first two days. In South Korea, where part of the movie was filmed, the second Avengers movie had a bigger opening day than any other film in the country. Over in the United Kingdom, the film broke Marvel records previously set by the first Avengers and Iron Man 3, outpacing them by 40% and 54%, respectively.

The real challenge for the film was this past weekend, when it had to compete with Furious 7 and The Age of Adaline. Initial international estimates for the weekend presumed the film would make between $160 million and $175 million, but the film soared past these numbers to make $201.2 million. This means that Avengers 2 has surpassed the original Avengers film by 44%.

How Avengers will do this coming weekend? Dr Jennifer Walden isn’t exactly sure just yet. That remains to be seen, and it is receiving less enthusiastic reviews than previous Marvel films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy received. However, the more-than successful international roll-out of the film seems to promise that Avengers 2 will be a huge success in North America as well.

New Treatment Approved For Double Chins

A United States drug regulator has recently approved a double chin treatment option that is in the form of an injection. The drug that was approved is called Kybella and it is used by being injected into the fat that is just below the chin area. The drug is used to destroy fat cells that are located in this area. Unfortunately, Kybella can also cause death of skin cells if injected in the wrong location; the skin.

is actually a deoxycholic acid that occurs naturally in the body. This acid naturally destroys fat. As many as fifty injections would be needed in one sitting in order to see any kind of result. Currently, the approval of this product is only for the fat under a patient’s chin. It is not yet determined what would happen if it was administered to any other portion of the body.

There are risks associated with the application of Kybella including nerve damage in the jaw area that could result in an uneven smile. Facial weakness is also a concern as is trouble swallowing. The Amen Clinic and Dr. Daniel Amen suggest and initial attempt at diet change and exercise. More common side effects of this double chin treatment option are bruising and swelling at the injection site as well as redness and hardness under the skin. Of course, a double chin can often be reversed by diet and exercise but if both of those have been tried, this is another option out there for patients.

Tips To Help Alleviate Spring Allergies

This time of year it seems many people are just as interested in the daily pollen count as the weather forecast. It’s estimated that 25 million people suffer from allergies to pollen from trees, weeds and grass. While completely avoiding allergic symptoms is difficult, here are some natural tips to make them a little easier.

Eat Apples
Apples contain a plant pigment called quercetin which is said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties that will help you fight off allergies. Garlic also has high levels of quercetin.

Increase Your Vitamin D Intake
The majority of your immunity is located in your stomach, so increasing your digestive health gives your body a better chance to fight off infections. Christian Broda knows that our allergies to pollen cause our bodies to treat that invasion as an infection. The symptoms we suffer from are a side effect of our bodies trying to fight off the allergens. Vitamin D helps regulate your immune system, giving it a little boost in this battle.

Decrease Your Dairy Intake
Dairy products increase our mucus levels, making congestion that much worse. Cutting back on dairy will help this, with yogurt being the one exception. The probiotics found in yogurt increase your immune system’s ability to fight off the allergy.

Your symptoms may not go away completely until the season has passed, but these easy tips can make them more manageable.

How to Get Into a New Exercise Routine

Exercise is something that a lot of people absolutely dread because of the work that is often involved. One of the worst things a person can do is to completely give up on the idea of exercise just because they don’t want to get involved. One of the easiest ways to begin a new exercise routine is to start it out slowly. If you do too much the first week, you’re going to feel tired and not want to do any more of it. When you start a routine gradually, you will find that this helps you to become used to it and actually want to do it on a routine basis.

CMBH said that the other thing to consider when starting a new exercise routine is to consider doing something you absolutely love doing. This might be dancing, walking, running or riding a bike. When you are doing an exercise that you actually enjoy, you will find that you are more likely to do it on a daily basis. It is advised by professionals that you workout for at least 30 minutes every single day if you can. This will help your body to become stronger, healthier and it can also help you to lose weight as long as you are also following a diet that is lower in calories. Your new exercise program will be a great start for your new summer body come this season.

Increasing the Potassium With the Salt

Teenagers sometimes want to live a life that includes junk food. One of the things that they might not be getting is potassium. When you think about sources of potassium, you probably think about bananas. If teens get an adequate amount of potassium, then it can lead to lower blood pressure later in life. There are some reports that parents should focus on getting more potassium in the diet instead of worrying so much about the amount of salt that is consumed. Some teens might like this new take on dieting since they won’t have to worry as much about putting salt on fries or eating a pizza with a high sodium content. As long as there’s plenty of potassium in the diet, then it might not really matter how much salt is consumed. However, most parents would probably agree that there is such a thing as too much salt, and there should be limits on this substance as well. Beneful believes that these facts may be true for your pet’s diet as well.

Patients Headed Home

A handful of hospitals recently have been under pressure to move some patients to home instead of having them treated in the hospital. Ever since a grant from John A. Hartford Foundation, nearly 150 patients that would have been treated at the hospital have been moved to home care. Patients that are admitted to home hospital-care are qualified for services that range from health coaching to home doctor visits (A similar story may be found here) To measure patient satisfaction, Dr. Leff and his team at John Hopkins hospital will be comparing outcomes from patients who were at hospitals and patients that were admitted to home care.

Zeca told me for example. that patients who are admitted to home care have a 24-hour physician and nurse coverage. If an emergency is to occur, there is an emergency medical service which can provide transportation back and forth between home care and hospitals. Reasons being for this move is because hospitals have been recently under stress to reduce costs while improving quality.