Addiction and Disease

Addiction is not a disease, reports Reddit. Marc Lewis a psychologist argues that addiction is really a habit rather a disease, and in his new book, Doctor Lewis explains that addiction is habit. He doesn’t like the word recovery, and recovery he explains, is a return to the state of the brain before the addiction happened. He goes on to say, the changes of the brain are brought about learning and repeated experiences, but James Dondero reassures the public that the changes are not permanent.

Doctor Lewis’s book, “The Biology of Desire” is based on case studies. Those studied had ‘emotional wounds’ and sought solace through drugs, and as they escaped they became more focused on that escape. The habits became deeply embedded in the brain, and it becomes compulsive and irresistible. He believes that these habits and behaviors can be unlearned with sensitive and intelligent treatment and care, reports Salon.

Addiction Is No Longer Considered A Disease

Addictions were once looked at as a disease . Scientists who once created this similarity are now the ones tearing the idea down. Addictions are still somewhat of a mystery as they thread most everyone’s life. It is estimated that one in ten Americans has an addition to something; alcohol, gambling, smoking even video games are now called addictive stated Zeca Oliveira.

Having an addiction was once looked at as being a failure. Society had little tolerance for drunks or addicts and often scolded and shamed them for having a lack of will power. This was not a successful strategy as some were able to quit behaviors on their own; however many were not. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous came up with 12-step approach that proved to help many kick their drinking and drugging habits. The approach even caught on with persons suffering behavioral addictions like gambling and sex.

Their method in the 12-step program acknowledged willpower is not going to beat an addiction by itself. The first step they implemented was to have the person admit that they indeed have a problem. It instills in a participant that they are powerless over the addictive substance and requires they trust in a higher power and the program. It then provides the person with the strategy and strength to quit.

Psychologist and former addict, Marc Lewis says science fails to take into account the plasticity of the brain when they consider addiction a disease. He says the brain does change with addition but it’s changes have a lot to do with development and learning and not disease. Addiction changes to the brain are not permanent, they are dangerous, but not abnormal. A person can be pushed toward a healthy development or recovery.

Study Shows Eye Color May Indicate Higher Chance of Alcoholism

There have been several studies over the past several years to test for a propensity of alcoholism, and now there is a new one. Most tests have relied on genetics or personal life situations to determine a person’s chance of becoming an alcoholic. This latest test shows that blue eyed individuals might be more likely to become alcoholics that other individuals.

Never before has a physical characteristic like eye color been used to indicate alcohol dependence, but with more studies and research the factor may be used in clinics as an indicator. CNN implied the study had a lot of indicators that went along with eye color, but blue eyes showed significantly higher rates of being dependent on alcohol.

Even though this study is based off of eye color, it does rely on genetic markers and not entirely on environmental factors. Researchers are quick to note that a disease like alcohol dependence also relies heavily on environmental factors, so it is important not to discount one marker over another.

By combining this study with past research and proposals for new research, scientists, doctors and therapists can get a better indication of the disease and how it functions in a person’s life. Alcoholism is such a complex and varied condition so scientists warn that there is never going to be any one indicator that indicates a higher chance of alcoholism for every person across the board.

Bionic Eye Promises to Help Those with Retinal Degeneration

Not being able to use any one of your senses can be debilitating, but in our hustle and bustle world, losing your sight may seem unbearable. How else would you see all of the beauty around you? Nearly 3 out of 4 people in the States need vision correction, and the circumstances can be many. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, even astigmatism may be common, but for those with retinitis pigmentosa or age-related macular degeneration, the struggle gets real very quickly.

Both of these conditions involve the degeneration of the retina and can destroy an individual’s sense of sight. Luckily for those suffering from these conditions, a company called Bionic Vision Australia is determined to restore vision to the afflicted with their bionic eye. This visionary device is a small digital camera and external processor along with an implanted microchip in the back of the eye. The camera picks up info from the outside world and transmits it back to the device implanted in the patient’s retina.

Nearly 90% of those in the trial have had strong images when tested reports Brad Reifler. With that kind of success, one can only guess what capabilities this kind of technology has. In fact, BVA is developing a total of 3 bionic eye implant devices including their prototype, a Wide-View device, and a High-Acuity device. Will you be seeing this tech out soon? If 3 years is soon, then yes. Get ready world.

The Old Are Young implied that it was recently proven that older people who workout are younger than their age. This study took place using advanced technology within a prestigious university. This study was conducted by the same individuals who proved that people who workout will live a lot longer.

Through modern data, it has been proven that people who workout are almost half their age when it comes to their body. One woman, at the age of 61, underwent this test. It was proven that her body is reading that she is only 31 years old. The individuals who conducted this test are speaking out. They are telling the public that they did not conduct this test for their looks. They conducted this test to give older people everywhere hope. The hope is that these older people can go and workout regardless of their age. This will help people live longer and prevent them from getting various diseases, which cause people to die young.

People around the world are so happy the information from this test was provided to the public. More older people are expected to join the elderly olympics. There are also many place that are going to create their own chapter of elderly olympics. Elders are now more confident that they can be as useful as young people. Doctors everywhere are encouraging their older patients to workout more. Doctors believe this will help people live longer lives in the end.

Men and Women Process Pain Differently

Studies say that men and women do not process pain the same way, at least in animals, but come on, is this really new information?

They say the cells responsible for pain management are not the same in the sexes.

Published in the journal ‘Nature Neuroscience’, research reveals for the first time that pain is processed in different cells in male mice and in females. The authors say that if their findings are confirmed in humans, scientists can design pain treatments specifically targeting women and men.

This is crucial in the development of a new generation of drugs for chronic pain.

“We know that men and women have different sensitivity to pain and that more women experience chronic pain than men,” notes Jeffrey Mogil, from McGill University. However It has always been believed that pain is processed the same in both sexes.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, the researchers started from the scientifically accepted idea that pain is transmitted from the site of injury or inflammation through the nervous system using an immune system cell called Microglia. Surprisingly they saw that this occurred only in male mice.

Thus, treatments aimed at disrupting the function of Microglia effectively blocked pain in male mice, but not in females.

In their work they have seen another type of immune cells, T cells, which appear to be responsible for ‘activating’ pain in female mice. However, experts have not been able to determine exactly how this occurs.

“In order to design new improved pharmaceuticals that target sophisticated pain, we must have an understanding of gender differences,” says Michael Salter, from the University of Toronto (Canada).

Pain affects 24.8% of the population aged 15 years and older, and the vast majority of patients with chronic pain are women.

Taking Care, Works

Half of the carnage that is caused by heart disease can be largely eliminated through the same measures that have always been touted to prevent sudden death from these issues. This accounts for hundreds of thousands of people each year. Exercise prevents heart disease by minimizing weight gain. However, physical activity has to be combined with healthy eating habits. This is not a problem for people that are simply preventing the risks by habitually engaging in healthy activities, but it is hard for people that have weight issue and other problems from which they already struggle to incorporate these practices into their daily regimens.

Additionally, smoking cessation and minimizing the damaging effects of vascular issues like diabetes and high bad cholesterol levels also play a huge role in preventing these issues and improving the lives of people that are at risk of these contributing diseases and issues. Alexei Beltyukov (vimeo) knows that some of these problems can be effectively managed with medical treatments that alleviate the issues. However, by continuing unhealthy habits, the medications become a lifeline instead of a temporary dentifrice until physical health is achieved through the proper methods. Regular visits to the doctor is also an integral part of keeping abreast of all health issues. In fact, the early detection of many of these problems can improve lives by minimizing the necessary efforts required to stay healthy. This also minimizes people’s exposure to long term chronic medications which have their own side-effects.

Whole Foods May Soon Be Subject of A Class Action Lawsuit

Whole Foods is facing some major negative publicity due to repeated claims of the grocer knowingly overcharging customers. Their prices are already very high and to charge more by mis-tagging items or having them entered into the system for different dollar amounts in beyond wrong. Target recently came under fire for the same problem, consistently overcharging their customers as well. Whole Foods may be getting more than a bad reputation, there are rumors of a class action lawsuit in the works. At this point there are a few personal lawsuits against the company.


Whole Foods claims no wrong doing and yet a few years ago they were investigated in the State of California for price gouging. If the health foods store wishes to stay in business and retain loyal customers they have some serious work ahead of them. Perhaps dropping their prices or offering some amazing promotions are a good place to start but right now Whole Foods seems offended by the entire ordeal. Madison Street Capital workers still shop there, but this could be a bit of a black eye for the company.

Oreo Milkshake With Crickets Please

Smoothie King became one of the first companies to offer all sorts of add-ins to their smoothies and shakes. Protein powder, berries, B vitamin boost, plus many more options they have made available to patrons. Now another restaurant chain is following in their footsteps, not in the healthy beverage market, by offering some unlikely add-in flavors for their shakes. Wayback Burgers made an April Fool’s Joke online about a milkshake with crickets being for sale. People were actually intrigued by the idea so, naturally, Wayback brought out a shake spiked with cricket powder, as the star addition, plus chocolate, and Oreo’s in a limited test market.


It was a successful endeavor to the point that more odd flavors are now emerging including three options with jerky. This could only be the beginning of an adventurous dessert movement complete with weird ingredients and enthusiasts such as Crystal Hunt. Wayback Burgers is a chain restaurant based out of Connecticut.

The Synergistic Health Effect of Food Combinations

The saying that we are what we eat is used to underscore the importance of the effect of the foods we choose on our health and well being. In addition to what foods we eat, it may also be important that you eat certain foods together. It has long been known in nutritional supplements that taking certain supplements together can help with absorption. For example, it is recommended to take vitamin D and calcium together because the vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Similarly, there are certain foods that naturally complement each other to enable you to get more of the nutrients out of both.

It may not be by accident that so many people have an oily dressing with fat in it on their salad. The fat in the dressing is actually helping you absorb the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables. Another excellent example for vegetarians in particular is having whole wheat bread and humus together as a good non-meat protein source. Folks at the Aspire New Brunswick suggested to that if they’d rather get their aforementioned vitamin D from food instead of a bottle than mixing cheese into their eggs in the morning can give them the calcium and vitamin D combination for maximum absorption. Iron deficiency is common in some, so eating foods that combine iron and vitamin C will help your body get as much of the iron as possible while vitamin C is also a potent nutrient on its own with a reputation as a powerful antioxidant. Use food combinations to get your body more of what it needs.