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The iconic circular balls in colorful packaging have become a rather well-known product gracing beauty isles and makeup collections all over the world. EOS Lip Balms have gone from being a simple product to one of the most well-known lip balms in the entire world, and the brand seems to only be growing with every passing day. Within just ten years, the company has grown from being a small independent company to a large business that is taking over the entire beauty industry.

One of the bigger reasons why the company has emerged as such a prominent name within this industry is because of the thorough research that was conducted before the products were formed. The research conducted here showcased the interest in spherically shaped lip balms and also realized that there was abundant demand for lip balms in bright colors and lighter tones. It showcased the fact that customers want their products to look and smell good, but also want the products that they use to have good ingredients that actually have beneficial effects on their lips.

The research conducted during this time was incredibly important and was something that helped the company reach the notable position that it currently holds.

The company was founded by Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra who wanted to take a more measured approach towards creating a product that was well designed for women. The role that they played in the growth of the company is expansive and is something that has transformed the overall reach of the company.

The little eggs become a bestseller ever since they were released. This was something that has shaped the manner in which the company reached out to its customers, and is something that has enabled the expansion of the company to broader categories. Currently, the company has several different kinds of products under the name of EOS Lip Balm.

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Michael Nierenberg makes smart investment management

When it comes to investment management, interest rates play an integral part. Interest rates, according to Martin Zweig, serve to “exert an enormous influence on stock prices” and can decide which was the stock market is headed.

Companies like New Residential Investment Corp were able to beat the odds with interest rates and become successful.

Interest rates join fixed rates in what is called an inverse relationship. This is where, if something rises in interest rate, it drops in fixed rate and vice versa.

Whether or not something scarce is valuable affects the price. For example, higher fixed rates would cause lower interest rates and the inverse is also true.

Things like credit risks and the yield curve also affect changes in price. Bond credit ratings that drop or rise cause the market value to drop or rise as well. Yield curves deals with long-term and short-term rates. Long-term rates under the price of short-term rates are inverted yield curves.

New Residential Investment Corp has managed to generate revenue by handling scenarios that bring fluctuating interest rates. Timing is everything and not knowing when it’s needed makes for prime investment opportunities.

New Residential Investment Corp takes advantages of investments with mortgage servicing assets and residential mortgage-backed securities. There are four investment strategies the company follows to manage interest rate inconsistencies for example.

Asset Specialization is when New Residential uses assets like excess MSRs and RMBS outside the agency. The excess MSRs skyrocket in value as interest rates are on the incline.

Active Management places New Residential in a solid space for changes to portfolios when situations are different. This way, their portfolio managers can operate around refinance assets the way they need to.

Undervalued Assets show New Residential taking advantage of particular investment opportunities. New Residential purchases mortgage portfolios that don’t do as well and repurposes them for loan workout strategies.

That’s an example of undervalued assets.

New Residential purchased businesses that manages mortgage servicing and loan origination to lower worries about mortgage pipelines in the near future.

Who Is Attorney Jeremy Goldstein

The name Jeremy Goldstein may not ring any bells for the majority of people who reside in the US. If you reside in the city of New York, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably heard of this particular name. Jeremy Goldstein of New York’s Jeremy Goldstein & Associates is very talented in finance acquisitions. He has basically built a wonderful life by doing so as this man has worked hand-to-hand with a number of affluent corporations. In just the past 10 years alone, Goldstein has been involved in some of the largest transactions in corporate America. Goldstein prides himself on doing great work, but he’s also very humble. He has been able to successfully navigate the field despite having a few setbacks from time to time.


Oracle, IBM, Bank of America, Phillips Corporation, the Dow Chemical Company, Verizon wireless, J.P. Morgan Chase, South African Breweries, AT&T Wireless Company, Texaco Corporation and Goldman Sachs are some of the companies that he has worked exclusively with throughout the years. Goldstein is an expert in advising. The guy has a M.A. from the University of Chicago, has a B.A. from Cornell University and has a J.D. from New York University. When it comes to accomplishments, this man has spared no expense. In addition to that, Jeremy Goldstein is on the Board of Directors for New York’s Fountain House. This particular nonprofit organization has become a gamechanger for people who suffer with mental disabilities. Fountain House has been going strong since the mid 1940s, and it was founded by Rockland State Hospital patients.


Transferring negative feeling into positive actions is something that Goldstein has partaking in throughout the years thanks to having many setbacks. If there was one type of advice that he could go back and give his younger self, this would be his actual advice. By turning negatives into positives, he has been able to build close relationships with many of his clients, and it has paid-off dearly. Jeremy Goldstein is simply winning at the game of life because he has changed the game by setting new trends.


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Agera Energy – A Successful Energy Firm with Exceptional Work Ethic

Since its launch in 2014, Agera Energy has been synonymous with credibility to both its customers and industry professionals alike.

With reliable energy supply and efficiency solutions available at affordable rates, the firm has established a name for itself for striking an optimal balance between quality and accessibility.

The distinction came with quite some efforts, since the Agera Energy team had to work tirelessly in order to expand the company’s operations from its single location at Briarcliff Manor, New York to over 50 states across the United States.

While the company provides energy supply solutions in select areas, it has been able to offer its energy efficiency and utility bills audit service in around 50 states. This sets it apart from the other big players in the industry.

Realizing that none of its distinctive achievements could have been possible without its proficient team, Agera Energy makes it a point to make its employees feel recognized and appreciated.

The company ensures that its day to day work environment remains as exceptional as the very people who are a part of it. With tremendous employee management programs, excellent training, and magnificent remuneration packages, Agera Energy has ensured to establish itself as a sought after organization to work with.

That work environment or other benefits are not only restricted to administrative or on-premise staff. They are also provided to the field agents who seek out energy companies to make healthy acquisitions possible for the company. With that, these benefits are just as much available to sales staff and customer service agents who deliver on the ground, personable services for the firm’s customers.

With this approach in mind, Agera Energy has been able to maintain a satisfied team of personnel that has helped it to grow to this date, and which would continue to support the firm as it carries out its operations in the future.

Luxury Proves Lucrative For CEO Zeco Auriemo While Heading Brazil’s JHSF Into Real Estate Greatness

If a company is to ultimately find great success in its chosen field, then one of most crucial factors that needs to be focused on is finding the correct individuals to handle leadership duties. JHSF, a developer of high-end properties in Brazil, has seemingly struck a gold mine when it comes to its current leadership. Zeco Auriemo has shown just how tremendous of a CEO he really is by bringing prominence and profits to his team. He has, during the 2000s, built JHSF and its portfolio by a truly impressive amount. Auriemo cleverly identified some promising markets for JHSF to go into, and luxury was on his mind.

The beliefs held by Zeco Auriemo regarding the profitability of luxury markets were soon confirmed, and the high-income, high-status clients began to find great value the property developments offered to them from him and his company. JHSF, through the implementation of this real estate strategy, saw a steady revenue increase. There has been quite a bit of conversation around a few of JHSF’s more high-profile buildings, like the increasingly frequented Cidade Jardim, which truly has cemented its place in Brazil’s growing world of retail shopping centers. Although Brazil has always been home for the JHSF organization, Zeco Auriemo used his CEO power to lead the entity into other luxury markets outside of just this country. Whether it’s Uruguay or the United States, Zeco seems to be finding lucrative luxury markets everywhere he looks.

This Brazilian is certainly among the top businessmen in his nation, and the FAAP Univeristy graduate is heading JHSF through its headquarters in the same location that he went to university in, Sao Paulo, Brazil. No one can deny Zeco Auriemo’s accolades, and it seems that crowning him chief executive officer while he was a young man not even out of his 20s yet was a good move on the part of JHSF.

Turning challenges into incentives; the story of Guilherme Paulus.

Prizes Are My Rewards; Obstacles Are My Challenges. This is Guilherme Paulus favorite quote. You realize how important it is when you look back at his history, how he has been able to overcome the numerous challenges in his personal life and those that he faced as he tried to get his own businesses off the ground to become one of the wealthiest individuals not only in Brazil but in the world. In a country that is ranked 131st in difficulty in registering property and 170th in dealing with construction permits he has still been able not only to grow CVC from a tourist agency into one of the largest tour operators in the country but also to build one of the biggest networks of hotels in the country.

After running CVC since he was 24 years old in 1972, Guilherme Paulus has been able to see the Brazilian tourism industry grow to where it is today. Over the years he learned what was important and who kept customers coming back. By the time he sold a majority share of his company to an American private equity group he had already started working on a new idea within the industry. After listening to his clients, he had been able to identify the essential areas whey the hospitality industry was failing. He embarked on investing the money he had earned from his CVC sale in the GJP network. He was aware of what to do and what to avoid. There were numerous locations in Brazil that despite being tourist magnets were still under-served. He focused his outstanding efforts on these areas.

He would build his chain of more than 20 hotels and resorts and then employ some of the industry’s most qualified personnel to run them. For him, customer satisfaction comes first. Guilherme Paulus has also consciously chosen to create a relationship with his employees. Guilherme Paulus says that for any business to be successful the employees need to be as invested in its success as the owner. This way they will go out of their way to ensure that it succeeds. By all standards, Guilherme Paulus has succeeded in doing this. Click here.


Peter Briger turns Risks into Assets

Peter Briger is president, principal and head of credit and real estate business at Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in 2002 bringing with him 15 years of experience from his time at Goldman, Sachs & Co. as well as significant knowledge of Asian markets and its leaders. Peter Briger received his B.A. from Princeton and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business. Peter Briger’s talents have helped him trade assets that no one else wants, specifically distressed debt. During his time at Goldman Sachs he participated in buying troubled assets which had fallen out of favor and then holding on to these assets until the markets stabilized and they could be sold for a profit.

Briger’s expertise at assessing the best expectations for returns based on risks fits in perfectly with the goals of Fortress Investment Group. Since joining Fortress, Peter Briger’s success has only multiplied. After the 2008 financial crisis Briger saw the potential of buying assets, primarily in the financial sector, which owners were forced to sell at cheap prices for reasons such as bankruptcy, excessive debt and regulatory limitations. Banks must often deal with regulatory and political changes, and Briger knows when to take advantage of times when banks feel pressure to sell risky assets.

Peter Briger along with two other Princeton alumni has created a program which will fund assistance to recent University graduates who are budding entrepreneurs and to their startup companies. Aside from receiving financial support they will also participate in on-campus programs to share their experiences. He also serves on the Board of Tipping Point which is a non-profit helping out low income families in San Francisco as well as being on the board of Caliber Schools, a group of charter schools which prepares students for success in four-year colleges and for their lives after graduation. Learn More.

Agera Financial

Agera Financial’s Tips On How You Can Rank High On the BBB Site

Agera Financial is no stranger to the BBB site. In fact, they are one of the more highly-regarded financial institutions on the site. Agera Financial did not get there by accident. It took years for Agera Financial to establish the reputation they have now.

Do you want to get there too?

Agera Financial has two tips to help you get there.

1) According to Agera Financial, you need to have consistency. The information your company markets needs to be the same for every site they are on. Your company is not going to get far if your information is misleading and contradictory.

2) Content is key. The more content you have online, the better your chances are at being more credible in eyes of others.

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Using Neurofeedback to Treat Patients with ADHD – Neurocore

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, is the most common mental health disorder that children attain. ADHD is also the fastest spreading psychiatric disorder in the youth. The most common way to treat individuals with ADHD is through psychotherapy and medication. These methods have been practiced for decades now. Though these two methods have to be correctly working with each other to produce results.

Luckily, we are now living at a time where modern technology is available and we are able to utilize this to accomplish our goals more efficiently and produce better results. Neurocore is one of the leaders in using Neurofeedback in treating mental health issues – in fact when it comes to applications of Neurofeedback, ADHD is the most common target.

Neurofeedack is a type of mental therapy that uses EEG or electroencephalography to produce a brain map of the patient.This brain map will indicate which parts of the brain are not performing as well as they should be. Neurotherapy begins with placing sensors on the patient’s scalp and from here the doctors and experts can mapo out the brain and gather key data on what is causing the mental health issue. Neurofeedback training then is employed in order to improve the mental health status of the patient.

Keeping the common people informed with Alex Hern

Alex Hern

It may come as a surprise to many on how these large social media companies are profiting from user data. Something that comes across as a free service has a large amount of money being made on the back end. Expert Alex Hern is also first when it comes to sharing this information to the public. Different countries are starting to step up there regulations when it comes to social media users data.

Alex Herns says about how Italy has fined facebook for its nefarious use of user data. Facebook has been known to mislead users in more ways than one. Building the trust back from the user base will be a tough act to accomplish. There is no way for a user to protect their data from Facebook unless they completely delete the application.

The social media giant has also been known to track the user’s whereabouts with there consent. Bringing this information to the light is what Alex Hern does best. Being well informed is a great way to combat what is going on in technological space. People are blessed that Alex Hern put his time and his outstanding effort into keeping the common people informed about what is happening with social media.