North American Spine Is The Place To Be For Those Who Have Back Pain

Back pain can be called an epidemic because so many people are suffering from it today. A person may get back pain today, and then the person will feel no back pain tomorrow. It’s also possible that a person will get back pain one day, and it will never go away. North American Spine specializes in helping those who are dealing with constant back pain, not just those who have temporary back pain or sporadic back pain. Those who have back pain that’s turned chronic should make North American Spine the location where they get rid of their back pain for good.

Getting rid of back pain at North American Spine is easy enough, especially since it’s done through a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The procedure is known as the AccuraScope procedure, and the surgery is great for those who have back pain or neck pain. The surgery requires that a small incision is made to an area in the neck or back, and then the scope is inserted into the body so that the surgeon can get a better idea of the pain the person is going through. After the procedure is finished, which is about 45 minutes later, the patient can get ready to go home the same day.

Those who have an open surgery couldn’t possibly expect to go home the same day after the procedure, but having a minimally invasive procedure like the AccuraScope procedure means that the patient can quickly go home with a lot less pain. Another great thing about this procedure is the fact that it takes very little time to complete, the incision is very small, the scarring is minimal, the pain is less, and the patient may end up being pain-free. Patients who get this type of procedure have seen a massive improvement in the pain that they were feeling before.

North American Spine reviews mention that they also have the CuraSpine procedure, which has helped many to relieve spine problems that have ailed them for months, years, and in some cases, decades. North American Spine is a professional institute that has helped thousands of patients over the years and helped many to live pain-free again. Even those who don’t have complete relief from pain will still have significant enough relief from the pain to go about their daily lives again.Anyone suffering from back or neck pain should make North American Spine the first choice for pain relief.

Take Your Lacrosse Game to the Next Level

For those interested in taking their lacrosse game to the next level, a specialized lacrosse camp has been created just for you. Next Level Lacrosse Camp, run by Jon Urbana, is a four day event featuring some of the games top players, who’ll provide their expertise to the young male attendees.

Next Level Lacrosse camps are for males youths from 10-15 years old, and is the premier lacrosse camp in Colorado. Including its founder Jon Urbana and select pro players from the Denver Outlaws to coach and train, these four days of training are sure to take your lacrosse skills to the next level.

Jon Urbana founded Next Level Lacrosse camps in 2011 as a premier place for Colorado youth to train from the best. The camp’s aim is to zero in on the specific skills the players will need to play the style and field position they’re interested in.

With a rewarding lacrosse career at Villanova, founder Jon Urbana wanted to give back what he’s learned, and create a place where other pros can do the same. With the goal of offering help through his username jonurbana1 on Twitter, the future players of lacrosse build their abilities and understanding of the game they love – even when they’re off the field.

He’s also posted an archive of training footage to his Facebook page. Feel free to message Jon if you have an account, and he’ll be glad to accept your friend request.

Denver East High School was where Jon Urbana got his start, distinguishing himself as a star pilot recognized by the FAA and receiving all-conference player three times and all-state twice. He moved on to do business development for Ellipse USA, after playing defense for Villanova where he was selected as the team’s top rookie his first year, starting 10 of 14 games. The next year, Urbana’s bio says that he was all-conference pick and started all 12 games he played.

In his third year he was an honorable mention for All-American and Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year, in addition to first team all-conference. After college, Jon spent some time even trying out the ranks of professional lacrosse. Urbana is now a successful entrepreneur with a loyal following on Instagram living in Denver, Colorado.

For the last 5 years Next Level Lacrosse camps have gave many young players the opportunity to improve their lacrosse skills, and learn from top professional lacrosse players just what it takes to get to the next level. Jon and the select coaches who are there to train the players, not only give the young players many tips to improve their skills, but also provide the motivation and vision they need to understand and succeed in the culture of lacrosse.

With extracurricular initiatives that include local fundraising like Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc., this group of campers and its staff have done some great things for local businesses under the direction of Urbana.

In the end, the goal is to use these training materials available on Slideshare to provide these promising players a mature outlook on the sport itself, as well as the skills needed to give them the ability to reach their visions and goals.

Urbana founded Next Level Lacrosse camps years ago with the help of Lou Braun, and since he’s been dedicated and diligent in improving it to become the premier lacrosse camp in Colorado for young males.

The Financial Strategist Who Took Citadel to New Heights

Ken Griffin, born in 1968 in Daytona Beach Florida, attended Harvard University for his tertiary education. While at Harvard in his first year, Ken Griffin started saving as a long term strategy towards his future. In his second year, he set up a satellite in his campus hostel that assisted him to acquire real-time market data. With his savings and family donation, he started a hedge fund in his hostel room. The initial amount was about $265,000 and by the time he was receiving his honors he was managing over a million dollars. All this was attained by constant hard work and control in the campus. In 1989 just after his graduation, Frank Meyer was astonished by his achievement and gave him $1 million to invest. With Ken Griffin’s prior knowledge and experience from previous encounters, he combined the available assets and set out to develop. Within a year, he made unimaginable profits of over 70%.

This success gave him confidence and motivation to face the financial world and take it by its horns. In 1990, Ken Griffin founded Citadel LLC an investment hedge fund with over $4 million to invest in. Due to his market knowledge and appropriate strategies that he employed, his company steadily rose from an ordinary investment option to reach higher heights and increase customer base. Through consistent graph growth, he was able to expand the market scope to greater grounds. By 1998, his company had a team of over 100 trusted employs on to help him in strategizing and handle traffic in the industry. Citadel grew in leaps and bounds, both physically and globally. With its increase in customer base, Citadel was able to increase its investment capital. In 2004, Ken Griffin appeared in Forbes 400 self-made category. He was estimated to be worth $650 million. From then on, he is an all-time in Forbes Magazine 400 self-made billionaires. In 2015, his net worth is estimated to be over $5.5 billion. According to him,the success has been made possible through trust and faith in the laid out procedures and plans.

At the beginning of the year 2015, Citadel LLC was ranked to be top and among the best places to work as an employee. It has attained this approval from its employee-friendly working conditions and motivations for its employees. Citadel provides free lunch, tours, and fitness program for its employees.
Due to his success and social interactions that he is involved in, he has addressed major business forums and market control strategies. Griffin is a devoted supporter of the Republican Party. He has donated towards many political causes. He supported Mitt Romney in his presidential bid in 2012 and other republicans such as Eric Cantor, Senator Mark Kirk and Bruce Rauner. He is a member of G100 and board of trustees of University of Chicago Art Institute. Ken is a great art lover, and has donated funds to Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Whitney museum of American Art. He is a great lover and supporter of academic causes and donates various charities to boost the quality of education.

In a recent move, he purchased an entire floor of the almost complete Condo towers in Manhattan in what is believed to be another expansion procedure of the global investment company.

Bernardo Chua Proved That It Pays To Be Ambitious

Bernardo Chua has always taken his work seriously, and the way that he’s built his resume shows that, and that has allowed him to do well in all of the things that he has done. When he was just a businessman he made sure to be doing his best for all of the companies that he worked for. He was always eager to learn while he was on the job, and he was smart to try to be learning something new with each day that passed.

Bernardo Chua is an example of a man who has always worked hard, and who has allowed his hard work to take him to some good places. He learned much through all that he did during his years as a businessman, and he used all that he learned to help him to form a good company of his own. He created a company that is all about a healthy product, and he is excited about promoting it. All of the jobs that he worked previously prepared him for the one that he currently has, and he is glad that he always took his work so seriously, so that he can be doing this now at a company that’s always expanding. If he would have slacked off in the past, then he never would have gained all of the smarts that he needed in order to start up his company.

There are very few people in the business world who care as deeply about what they are doing and the challenges that they are taking on as Bernardo Chua always has, and it carries over into his public speeches and that is what makes him so special. It is the fact that he has always been learning, that has allowed him to start up his own business with so much success in it, and that is something that everyone should keep in mind. Everyone should remember that it pays to be ambitious.

Follow Bernie on his Facebook if you want to keep up with the CEO of Organo Gold.

Handy Home for Your Vacation Home

This is the season of happiness. Plans are being made for vacation. Family is getting together. Maybe the family is meeting at your beach house this year? Or, perhaps you are renting out your vacation home for the holidays? Whatever the circumstances, Handy Home Cleaning Services can have your vacation home clean and fresh by the time the guests arrive. If you just need a one-time deep cleaning or a once-a-month cleaning, professionals will come and mop, dust and disinfect. Maybe you want the carpet shampooed or the chandelier polished- whatever it is, Handy Home can help. Your home will be holiday ready for you or for renters. No more opening the door to a musty, dusty home that’s been closed up all year. Handy Home Cleaning Services have well qualified house cleaners ready to do your dirty work. You can be assured you are getting people who have been thoroughly checked out. No reason to worry about your valuables being stolen or your drawers being rummaged through. These cleaners are professional, only wanting to make your house sparkle. Do you think you don’t have the time or energy to find a cleaner? No problem. Handy Home will take care of everything. The process is so simple. After you submit your information, where you are, how many rooms you need and what time you want to start, we will take care of the rest. Handy Home will post your job to our cleaners. The area, starting time and rooms to be cleaned will be listed for our professionals. From that, a cleaner can accept the job. When they are finished, we pay them charging your credit card. The cleaner has the money automatically. You have a clean home. Everyone is happy and there are no uncomfortable situations to deal with. Handy Home Cleaning Services has grown into a million-a-week business. Currently there are offices in 25 US cities. These numbers are going to grow as expansion is in the works. If there is no office in your area, there will be soon. Why is Handy Home Cleaning Services so popular? Simple. It supports both the supply and the demand. Cleaners can easily find jobs in the area and the at the time they want. They make good money (between 15 and 22 dollars an hour) and tax papers are provided. For clients, an easy platform makes it simple to find a great professional cleaner. No background checks. No references to worry over. No trying to decide on a decent pay rate. Handy Home handles all of that for the client. Everyone wins. That is what is making Handy Home so successful. Try them for yourself today, either as a client or a prospective cleaner. You will find Handy Home can help you get your home ready for the holidays, vacations and family gatherings.

Lime Crime Is Made With Love

I have always been fond of makeup. It’s more than just something to enhance my appearance. I’ve always considered makeup to be a form of art. Just like any great artist, I like to experiment with new things. That’s why I was always constantly switching makeup brands. I literally wanted to experience every different kind that there was to offer. I also was never truly satisfied with a brand. That was the cased until I discovered Lime Crime. Now that I use Lime Crime, I refuse to use any other brand. My experimenting comes from using all different products from Doe Deere’s line and all different colors.

I’ll never forget the first time I received a cosmetic from Lime Crime. It arrived super quickly in the mail and the package was super cute! I was so thrilled to open it and ever since then that excitement remains. I still look forward to receiving Lime Crime products in the mail!

I would like to take a moment to talk about my favorite Lime Crime product. That is the Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick. I’m not one who likes to be super adventurous with makeup. I want people to know I’m wearing it but I don’t want to draw too much attention. This lipstick from Lime Crime is perfect for those like me who don’t want anything too intense. The makeup is soft and creamy which means it was super easy to apply! It glided on my lips smoothly. There was no nasty taste associated with it which is important for me. I don’t like other products that literally have such a foul taste that it’s hard to apply. This lip wear also stays on very well. Once it was on my lips, I didn’t have to worry. It stayed there. It didn’t rub off. It didn’t smear easily. I have no complaints and instead I have had lots of compliments from others!

The hardest part for me is deciding which product from Lime Crime to buy next. The makeup line offers such variety! I already own half a dozen lipsticks and I always struggle with which color I want next. There’s so many to choose from! Lime Crime also offers products on UrbanOutfitters for the eyes! There’s a great variety of eye shadows, eye liners, and even glitter! There is literally a product for every occasion I find myself needing one for. Another great feature of Lime Crime is that it literally is makeup for anyone. The founder created these products so that a person can take pride in them and feel good wearing them. They aren’t tested on any animals, whatsoever. They are also vegan friendly. This makes me feel good wearing these products.

Overall, I have never regretted purchasing cosmetics from Lime Crime. They are a makeup line that just sort of seems to get me and what my needs are. I will never again purchase makeup from a drug store. I can truly tell that Lime Crime isn’t mass-produced. It’s made with love for each individual user.

Omar Boraie Makes a $1.5 Million Endowment at the Rutgers Cancer Institute


The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey had published an article on titled, “Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute,” in which they announce a $1.5 million endowment made by Mr. Boraie to establish a chair with the institute. The Omar Boraie Chair is a part of the “18 Chair Challenge” whereby 18 individuals or corporations can make a pledge of $1.5 million that will be matched by an anonymous donor for a total pledge of $3 million per chair. Mr. Boraei, a New Jersey developer from New Brunswick, has made a contribution to a program that is revolutionizing the research into precision medicine which is being used to diagnose and treat cancer.

Over the years, researchers have learned that cancer is more than just a disease of an organ from where the cancer originates. Cancer has a strong genetic component to it as well. The Rutgers Cancer Institute was one of the first institutions in the country to use genome sequencing and precision medicine to diagnose aggressive and rarer forms of cancer. Based on this strategy, doctors and researchers are able to provide specific treatments for a patient based on their genetic makeup and the type of cancer they are suffering from. This type research is especially important for patients whose cancers are no longer responding to traditional treatments. Doctors are able to individualize cancer treatments based on grouping different forms of cancers with similar characteristics but different genetics in order to help them make better predictions on which treatments will work best for patients.

Dr. Shridar Ganesan, a medical oncologist and associate director and principal investigator of the precision medicine clinical trial at the Rutgers Cancer Institute, has been named to the Omar Boraei chair. He hopes that pledges like the one Mr. Boraei made will help to innovate cancer research and expand treatment options for people who are suffering from difficult forms of cancer. Rutgers Cancer Institute and its doctors and scientist will definitely benefit from pledges like the one it received from Mr. Boraei.

The Vice President of BMG Is Marcio Alaor

Brazil has many banks. One of the largest of these is BMG. For more than eight decades, BMG has been helping Brazilians with their banking needs. Despite many down periods in the economy of Brazil, BMG has been able to maintain its profitably. This ability to seemingly be indestructible and made BMG the envy of many banks around the world.

For a large portion of the bank’s first 60 years of operation, wholesale and consumer financing were what BMG depended on to make the bulk of their cash. It was not until the 1990s that the bank decided to diversify in an effort to increase their profits. They ventured into other areas that were already being dominated by rival banks. To the dismay of their competitors, BMG quickly made a mark for itself in a wide variety of other financial services. Before too long, they were putting a serious dent in the profits of rival banks. Car loans were one of the main services that BMG chose to focus on. By offering a low interest rate, they attracted thousands of new customers. The bank was soon making a fortune from car loans. It became one of the bank’s most profitable businesses.

Along with offering competitive interest rates, people chose to do business with BMG because of the customer service they receive. A survey was conducted in Brazil in an attempt to find out why people use certain banks. BMG customers stated that they felt like nameless and faceless people when they did business with other banks. However, BMG gave them special attention. The staff at BMG took the time to explain new policies that would directly impact their accounts and other financial holdings. This was not the case at other banks.

Marcio Alaor is BMG’s Director and Vice President. He is one of the people credited with the customer service that is offered at all BMG branches. He has made it mandatory for all BMG employees who deal with the public to take special customer service courses. The results of these courses speak for themselves. Marcio Alaor has also made it more difficult to get a loan from BMG. One of the worst things to happen to a bank is when a person defaults on a loan. Thanks to the new loan approval criteria laid out by Alaor, the number of people defaulting on BMG loans has dropped significantly over the past decade.

James Dondero And His Management Of Highlands Capital Management

James Dondero is well known for being at the helm of Highlands Capital Management, one of the most successful hedge funds in the US and in the world. The company was set up in 1993 and in a period of about 23years, it has increased its profitability to about 18.7 billion dollars in assets. The main focus of the company is alternative and non- mainstream forms of investment such as structured products, loans that have leverage and high yield-bonds. There are thousands of Americans who trusted and invested in this company, and they have reaped the bounty.

About the company’s growth

The headquarters of the company is currently in Dallas, Texas. The company is headed James Dondero and Mark Okada, both of whom are founding members. The journey to success for this company started in 1990. The two bosses started a venture that was supposed to provide services to fixed income markets and secured senior loans. After operating alone for a while, the company decided to form a merger with protective life insurance corporation. This joint venture came to be known as PAMCO, standing for protective Asset Management Company. During this time, James and Mark only owned 40 percent of the shares in the company while the rest was owned and controlled by protective life insurance.

Exponential growth

By 1997, the company had started showing huge potential for future success. This meant that James and Mark had enough money to try and buy out their partners, which they did. After they had acquired back the major shareholding, they changed the name to Highlands Capital Management. When they gained this autonomy, they were able to put in place measures that greatly helped them pursue success at the company level, and they got it. By the start of the new millennium, they already had plans in place to create a commingled bank loan fund. They were able to achieve this and in addition, they created the 40 Act platforms which was another form of investment for their customers.

As the company continued expanding, they found it necessary to get into a mutual business arrangement with Columbia Asset Management. This assisted them is the acquisition of two floating funds. They had already established their offices in Dallas at this time, and their main customer base was Americans. In 2008, the company started thinking about taking their business beyond the borders, and they set up a branch office in Singapore. Three years later, they opened another branch in Seoul, South Korea.

The man at the helm of Highlands Capital

The sound and visionary leadership offered by Insidermonkey hedge fund manager James Dondero has been cited as the main driving force behind the success of this company. James’ experience in the credit market spans over three decades, which means he knows the business inside out. Before he got the idea to start his own hedge fund, James did work at the American Express. He is an alumnus at the University of Virginia. He is also CPA, CFA and CMA. His exemplary leadership has turned a small Texas-based outfit to a complete and fully functional global venture.

Men’s Footwear Trends For Fall 2015

Looking for a new look for fall 2015… Why not switch things up and get a new pair of leather shoes to set the tone for the season? Straight from the runway, these are the menswear shoe styles that are set to steal the scene for fall 2015:

Chunky Soles:
While every man’s closet needs at least two pairs of classic hard-bottom dress shoes in black and brown, this season’s introducing a new twist on the standard oxford look: chunky rubber-soled brogues. This style is the perfect in-between for a casual-dressy day when you want to feel sporty but look classy.

Rich Jewel-Tones:
While a classic white sneaker will honestly never go out of style, for Fall 2015 it’s all about flirting with the dark side. Pull out your inner villain and try on a pair of deep emerald sneaks or a smooth burgundy pair for a change – you’ll look instantly classy, even if you are just wearing jeans and a tee.

Brown Leather Boots:
Craving a bit of adventure this fall? Ditch your old standby black boots and pick up a pair of leather Chelsea boots instead. You will be rocking a Indiana Jones look in no time – you never know where a good pair of shoes might lead you! Be prepared for anything and grab a pair of brown leather boots for fall 2015.

Throwback Collegiate Styles:
This season, classic penny loafers are taking the scene by storm! A pair of luxe penny loafers in suede or leather is the perfect way to step up your everyday chinos and button-down this fall. Try wearing a pair made of stone gray suede or dark brown leather for a classic look that will dress up any outfit.

Put It In Neutral:
While bold neon kicks may have been the latest and greatest all summer long, your personal style will be boosted to the max when you get back to the basics of neutral black or white high tops. A classic look for sure, this style will have you looking fresh and polished while lending a hand to your sporty side. Try on a pair of black high tops in a smooth leather for a cool look that shows off your style without even trying.

Shop Paul Evans Shoe Collection

Step up your shoe game with Paul Evans – you’ll find that we have the hottest styles of the season, handcrafted from the most luxurious Italian leather, ready to step up your style for fall. At Paul Evans, we only wear the best, so we only offer the best to you. So invest in style. Invest in quality. But most importantly, invest in yourself. Step into a pair of Paul Evans and experience the difference.