The Will to Live

At nine years old, Yeonmi Park remembers the invitation to watch her best friend’s mother be murdered. As a child growing up in North Korea, executions were nothing new for this young girl. She recalls her mother carrying her piggback to sports arenas and public squares to watch the gruesome spectacles.

Yeonmi Park vividly recalls the horror of watching the executioners raise their guns, and murderer the woman she once knew. Escaping North Korea is a feat which this young woman has lived to tell. Author of In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom, Yeonmi recalls on the Reason that the concept for freedom was nothing short of foreign to her. Happiness was having food to eat each and every day.

Her story began on March 31, 2007 when she took her first steps across the frozen Yalu River with her mother. Arriving in China, she and her mother had no idea what they would do to survive. At 13, she had a lived a life most only see on the big screen. Crossing China, the Gobi desert and Mongolian border, she and her mother finally reached South Korea.

The strength this young woman was exhibited is nothing short of amazing. The unrelenting stress of trying to survive, and the untimely death of her father, only strengthened Yeonmi’s determination to have her story told.

This young woman’s thought-provoking story has evoked cries of North Korean refugees, as well as opened our eyes to the horrors that innocent victims suffer on a daily basis. Yeonmi hopes that her heart-wrenching tale of insane cruelty and survival will inspire change for all who are still kept imprisoned.

Graduate Melancholy


You recently graduate with determination there is something beyond lectures and classes. You wake up each morning and realize you are now in the real world. You are expected to pursue a career right away and get a reliable job. For some it may be overwhelming to tackle when you have had years of late night cramming, high level stress, and grades that dictate if you fail or succeed.

Depression is common to happen to an individual after graduating. You spend years in school with guidelines and then just like that you need to face the real world. Let’s face it the real world can be intimidating. According to Sergio Cortes, a majority of individuals may find themselves back at home trying to get a job which can increase the chances of feeling depressed. Finding a positive outlet during this time period is a great tool to use. It is important to open up with those around you that are supporting your hopes after graduation. Day by day make small accomplishments and build them up. Taking initiative to gradually build up accomplishments helps to decrease depression and increase your mental and physical well-being. For more information on depression and graduate click on link.

Overall, depression and being a newly graduate can be a draining battle. It is important to have a more positive post graduate outlook on life while reaching towards a career in the real world.

Key Ways to Stretch Before Exercising

Despite the normal use of static stretching of holding a pose for several minutes, there is now a new way of stretching that will improve one’s overall performance. Though studies have recently shown that static stretching reduces muscle power, weaken athletic performance, and even increases the risk of injury despite the intent of the stretches, recent studies have developed new ways to stretch.

Data presented by Jon Urbana at Bloomberg also support this finding, as his Next Level Lacrosse Camp conducted similar stretching experiments before the camp sessions each morning in 2015. The undesirable effects were only found among those that held a stretching position for more than 60 seconds. Rather than long static stretches, it has been proven that short stretches followed by a brief warm-up are more beneficial to the muscles. Athletes were less likely to strain or tear a muscle when stretching for 5-minutes with more types of stretching.

Scientists have also discovered that it is more beneficial for those who are runners and cyclists to stretch after a workout rather than before. These types of athletes, instead of stretching should either jog lightly or pedal lightly. However, those that play sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis and other leaping sports should perform a light stretch prior to working out. These activities are more likely to tear a muscle without the proper stretching warm-up.

Overall, scientists and experiments have indicated that stretching should not be a universal activity. Those who do different activities should approach the warm-up in different manners based upon where the impact will most likely affect the body.

Kyle Bass: The Head Hedge Fund Vulture

Kyle Bass is at it again, predicting a major financial downturn in the face of a looming financial crisis, and true to form, he’s positioning himself to win big on an economic event that will incur much loss for those less fortunate. In an appearance on “Wall Street Week”, the one time “Wall Street Wunderkid” went on record stating that he sees a more pain on the horizon for BRIC, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, before there will be any type of financial progress.

Bass founded his Dallas based Hayman Capital Management in 2006, and he made a fortune, and a household name for himself among the financial community in 2008 when he correctly predicted the collapse of the economy due to the bubble created by subprime housing loan practices. In light of the bets he placed and cashed in on in the wake of what was a financial crisis for most, Kyle became a can’t miss “Wall Street Wizard” for all of about fifteen minutes. Just like so many, since Kyle’s fifteen minutes has been up he’s had a rough go of it as he has tried to recapture the magic that he once had. In that way he is similar to one who hits the jackpot on the crap tables in Vegas on his first roll, and spends the rest of their Vegas getaway trying and failing and losing lots of money in an attempt to relive that one moment.

It is only right that a hedge fund manager who can’t pick correctly in the markets would be just as terrible at forming meaningful alliances with people who are upwardly mobile. Hence the affinity he had for the former president of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. While most financial experts think that she is the worst thing that ever happened to her country, Bass was ever in her corner while she used every tool at her presidential disposal to run her country’s economy into the ground. What was once an affluent nation is now in debt up to its figurative eyeballs, de Kirchner is to blame, and Kyle Bass to this day shifts all responsibility to those whom he calls the “hedge fund vulture class”, which mostly consists of American firms who intend to collect on the debt they are owed by Argentina.

Bass has a history of undertaking positions which seem “noble” on the surface, but in the end only serve to make him richer. Recently he has been going at the pharmaceutical industry’s patents in what he has postured to be a move to drive down pharmaceutical costs. However, he attacks the companies where he has already short sold their stock, therefore he would win from their loss, and this would actually cause a spike in the cost of meds. His tactics are so underhanded that both parties of the house are actively working to close the loopholes that the serpentine Bass slithers through to strike on his prey.

Now Bass is predicting that China will have to greatly devalue its currency in the next 12 – 18 months. He said in his “Wall Street Week” interview that his company is very “invested” in the yuan, and its devaluation will “strengthen the dollar”. With his history serving as the backdrop against which all of his decisions are measured, it is plain to see that Kyle Bass is a doom and gloom investor. He wins off of others losses. He epitomizes what he terms the “hedge fund vulture”.

George Soros Predicts Gloom And Doom

If you thought that things couldn’t get much worse on Wall Street, you might be wrong. At least that is according to a prediction reported on by by legendary investor George Soros. He has gone so far as to say that this market could be the worst that we have seen since the “Great Recession” of 2008.

The current climate in the stock market is not all that great. Oil prices have continued to fall lower and lower over the past few weeks and months. This has lead to declining prices in a number of stocks that rely on more stable oil prices to prosper. It also means oil rich countries that rely on the commodity for income have been suffering as well. It is a good thing there are a few tips that anyone can use to try to minimize their suffering while the market works through these issues.

Do Not Panic

It might be hard to believe, but the market has been through periods like this in the past. You might hear pundits say that this is “the new normal” or that we are somehow facing something that we have not faced before. It is all a lot of nonsense. The market simply goes through ups and downs like this in the course of its normal actions. Over a long period of time though, the market goes up far more often than it goes down.

The best thing to do during periods of uncertainty like this is to not hit the panic button and let the chips fall where they may.

Buy While You Can Get Them Cheap

While stocks are cheap, why not consider purchasing more of them? This is the whole philosophy one should follow when purchasing anything. We always want to get a bargain, and that means buying when others are turning their nose up at it. Why not make the same considerations for your stock portfolio? You can afford to buy when others are selling so long as you have courage.

Buy Recession Resistant Stocks

If you are truly worried about the recession happening, buy some recession resistant stocks to help weather the storm. These are stocks of large companies that often pay dividends as well. You are literally being paid to sit and wait out the storm while it passes over you. That is not such a bad thing, and you might just make it out better than before.

Take A Look At Beneful Premium Foods

The food makes the dog, and that is why my little puppy dog is a champ. He only eats the best food on the market because it is worth it to me to have him stay healthy. He’s just a puppy, so I have the little furry guy on Beneful Health Puppy Dry Food because it is packed with good stuff. It has real ingredients in it, unlike the cheap dog foods. I want to keep my puppy happy, so I choose to buy Beneful premium dog food, and it makes me proud to be a responsible pet owner.

The Premium Foods VS Cheap Foods

I found this article on a legitimate website on that I appreciated, so I thought I would post it for others to see. It’s definitely worth reading because it shows the honest truth about companies that produce the premium brands of dog foods, the foods that you want to feed to your dogs. The article shows exactly why these brands are called premium dog food brands. They have high standards for their products that are beyond the scope of the cheaper dog food companies from Beneful. These premium brands also employ taste testers that make sure that the food tastes good for the dogs because the taste of food is important to the dog. Would you want to eat the cheap dog food that comes in a can and has brown goo all over it? I’m sure you would much rather have a plate of premium food if you were a dog.

Beneful makes their Chopped Blends, and they come in a resealable package that lists their ingredients. This is nice because I have a puppy, and my puppy can’t eat a whole can of dog food. The Beneful Chopped Blends have real pieces of meat in them. They either have chicken or real beef or other real meats. It’s nice to see that my dog is eating well because I care a lot about my puppy.

I suggest you take a look at the Daily Herald article if you still need convincing. Here’s the url:

The compelling story of Yeonmi Park

The story of the young North-Korean defector, Yeonmi Park is one that many people are familiar with. has recently published a short narrative of her journey on For Yeonmi of youngvoicesadvocates, leaving North Korea was a dream come true. In her interview with Reason, she explains how freedom was a word so alien to her that it did not even form part of her vocabulary. The only closest thing she ever had to happiness was food. Yeonmi’s journey to freedom began in March of 20017 when she and her mother decided to cross the Yalu River which was frozen at the time. Their attempt to cross the frozen river was so late at night, and luckily they were successful. They were able to cross over to China, then to Mongolia and finally to South Korea. Reaching South Korea was not an easy task. Yeonmi and her mother had to ensure the scotching sun and dryness of the Gobi desert before they could reach Mongolia. Along this journey, the young girl who was only thirteen years old at the time, endured so many physical challenges as well as emotional ones. There was not much food available to eat during the journey. Additionally, they struggled to survive and penetrate the different jurisdictions they traversed. This was not easy at all considering they were refugees, they were outside the protection of the law of the various countries. One of the saddest things in this young heroine’s journey to freedom is the passing away of her father. Yeonmi’s father was ill with cancer. He managed to leave North Korea to join her and her mother. Unfortunately, he died before he could enjoy the freedom and democracy that she now enjoys out of the boundaries of North Korea. Yeonmi’s story on NK News is one filled with a lot of struggle that bears success in the one. Hers is a narrative of hope that keeps away any kind of despair. For a thirteen-year-old to endure all that she did and still come out victorious is nothing short of a miracle. She has authored a book on her journey to freedom from her home country.

Dr. Sergio Cortes, MD: Brazilian health expert

Dr. Sergio Cortes, 44, has been in the health care business for over 20 years, and is known to have contributed as the Brazilian Secretary of Health. He was also nominated to become the country’s Minister of Health. He also holds a degree as a hip surgeon.

Cortes, according to the article at,  sometimes offers his medical services at no charge to needy patients who contact him there. He has also received several recognitions by the Brazilian government as well as the World Health Organization.

Expert in Back Pain, Other Ailments

Cortes has also published articles to help people with back problems know what type of exercises, stretching and other activities they should do to help relieve their back pain, as well as prevent further injury. His research suggests that back pain in Brazilian young people is sometimes caused by modern technology that has allowed people to be less mobile and doesn’t encourage much physical activities.

Plus, he further adds that poor posture is another cause of back problems and that it should be corrected at a young age to avoid back problems. He adds that it is vital to go to an expert to see which exercises and activities are best for you back situation. He said that if people are physically unable to exercise, that walking can also aid in reliving back problems.

Cortes has served in several medical roles in Brazil

Cortes has also been active in recommending that Pilates helps to aid a person’s respiratory system and their spine muscles. He also added that yoga is another activity that benefits a person with back problems as it teaches them to stretch properly. Swimming as well was recommended as it helps improve breathing and posture, according to Cortes.

Cortes is also part of the Hip surgery department in Rio de Janeiro, has worked at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, as well as the Brazilian Confederation of Volley. He has a Harvard Business School education along with his medical education.

All in all, Dr. Cortes is a brilliant and experienced doctor of medicine, who is from Brazil, and is an expert on hip and back care, as well as has his own business website and blog to help as many people as possible.

Follow Sergio Cortes on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Exploring the Place of Visual Search in Developing Businesses

Any keen investor will explain that getting all tools that can help to beat competition is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. Although many businesses get the required material support, it sometimes becomes challenging to succeed in the market due to lack of necessary information that can allow one to embrace prudent decisions. Many experts will argue that for a modern business to stand out, technology is an element that should be incorporated in the running of the business and should be maintained to keep up-to-date. The levels of competition have become higher and so is the rate of flow of customers to a business. This leaves one with a question on how to handle the competitive environment so as to benefit from the readily available market. As explained earlier, technology offers answers to most of these issues and this is what many people need to understand. Visual search is an innovation that has worked well in the business world and many have loved the way it has made it easier to handle customers.

With this system, searching items online becomes an enjoyable process. There is no tedious typing or manual search for information that may be needed. All things that one may need are contained in the software. Visual search uses images to search for content online. This is software that is designed specially to offer ease of use and to allow mobile users to make purchases easily and faster online. Using visual search for your website increases the possibility of many buyers viewing your products. This will also translate to more sales and eventually a more profitable business. Customers will be given exact products to the ones they will be searching for.

Integrating the visual search technology in your website is a hassle free process. You will need to leave all this to experts, who will offer lasting solutions to your needs. Slyce is a popular form that has been designing and installing visual search applications for different investors. They have been ranked among top companies that are dedicated to offering a new face for the internet. Slyce has been developed to offer more room for one to access different items online. Having the system in your website will only mean an increase in the number of sales and a gradual gain in the rating online. If you would like to get more details about how the visual search technology has been applied to help businesses, you can check with MIT.

Highland Capital Making Strides in the HealthCare Sector

In November 2015, Highland Capital Management a Dallas firm dealing with investment management with not less than $20 billion in assets being managed made an announcement that its Highland Short and Long Healthcare Fund received a US Hedge Fund Performance Award. Winning the Hedge Fund Performance Award is proof enough that healthcare investment management experience and expertise are being recognized by many people and institutions. Speaking when making the announcement, James Dondero referred by many as Jim was happy that the award had recognized the hard work that the company had done.

The Hedge Fund Performance Awards recognizes hedge funds that have outperformed their competitors by using qualitative and quantitative factors. When making the selection, judges take into consideration performance data as well as the nature of the management reputation it has with investors.

The award is Highland Capital’s largest management with not less than $3 billion in assets. The firm also has a well experienced team of not less than 11 members that have around 130 years of experience when combined.

The company is always committed to delivering strong successful performance for the investors. The award is an indication of the success of the investment process that has a risk management structure that gives credit to hard work and team work.

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management who has more than thirty years of experience in the equity and credit markets. His experience focuses on highly yielding distressed investing. Since the company was started in 1993, it has been a pioneer in different credit solutions for retail investments and institutional investors.

Jim is also involved in a lot of other community activities. For instance, he is very active in philanthropic activities and supports organizations that support education, public policies and veteran affairs. Jim has also been a Chief Investment Officer and has helped build Protective Life to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. He is a graduate of University of Virginia with the Highest Honors in Finance and Accounting.

He is also one of the not very many people who have earned the right to use the Certified Management Account title as well as Chartered Financial Analyst title. He has exhibited exemplary leadership in matters related to financial management and leadership precisely the reason he has been able to get where he is currently. Jim’s contribution to bettering the community has been felt in the past just like it will be in the future.