OSI Group Becomes Environmentally Friendly

Today, OSI Group has a net worth of $6.1 billion with over 20,000 employees working at over 65 plants spread across in 17 countries worldwide. Their explosive growth has been dependant on two continuing factors: product quality and technical innovation.

As McDonald’s Corporation began expanding into the Illinois area, they needed a wholesale supplier of hamburger patties. By this time, Otto & Sons had established a reputation for providing quality meats to the Chicago area. Ray Kroc chose Otto & Sons to provide McDonald’s hamburger patties.

Otto & Sons were one of the first companies to adopt a new preservation technology called flash freezing, cryogenically freezing hamburger patties using liquid nitrogen. This allowed the beef patties to transported over longer distances without any drop in quality.

By 1973, Otto & Sons finished construction of a technically advanced facility in West Chicago, Illinois. It was devoted solely to producing products for McDonald’s restaurants. The new plant enabled Otto & Sons to go from being one of more than a hundred suppliers to McDonald’s restaurants to become one of four primary McDonald’s suppliers. Visit indeed.com

Today, OSI Group provides value-added products to Burger King, KFC, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, and WingStreet, in addition to mainstay McDonald’s. OSI’s continued expansion means that it now supplies, not just meat and poultry products, but also fruits and vegetables.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Sheldon Lavin continues to ensure that OSI Group’s plants were remodeled to make operations environmentally sustainable. Under his leadership, OSI Group created two Culinary Innovation Centers – one in the United States and one in China – with a Research and Development Center in the Chicago area. The financial investments necessary to create the centers help OSI Groups develop cutting-edge techniques in efficient operations, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring environmental sustainability.

In 2017, OSI Group created the core leadership position of chief sustainability officer and appointed Nicole Johnson-Hoffman to that position. Going forward, Nicole will supervise OSI Group’s overall global sustainability strategy. Read more on https://patch.com/illinois/chicago/sustainability-vision-sheldon-lavin-ceo-osi-group

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