Meet Nicolas Krafft: A Talented Leader

Nicolas Krafft is actually the VP Global Business Development at the famous L’Oreal. He has held other important positions at the company before getting to this level. Other positions he has held before are General Manager, Marketing Director, and Deputy General Manager. He lives in New York, United States. Nicolas Krafft is an alumnus of the famous University of St. Gallen.

L’Oreal is a group that pays attention to ethics in its day to day activities. The group emphasizes the philosophy of commitment as well as working together. The Senior Vice President, as well as the Chief Ethics Officer of this great company, is known as the Emmanuel Lulin. Recently, the Chief Ethics Officer revealed the firm’s goals in terms of ethics. He said that the company takes a conviction-based and proactive approach.

Emmanuel Lulin revealed that they don’t react to issues when they actually happen. The firm’s approach depends on four important principals: courage, transparency, integrity, and respect. These principles are used as a guide when it comes to the L’Oreal’s tasks in matters regarding respect for the surroundings, social responsibility, responsible innovation, compliance, philanthropy, and respect for the human rights.

At L’Oreal, Ethics day is usually commemorated in order to show commitment. It is a perfect example of this pioneering approach. Its main aim is to bring workers together and advise them to begin positive initiatives. The staff of this great company from different corners of the world is advised to forward their queries to either the Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman through live webchat.

The group has been working extremely hard to promote a culture of ethics. Its approach is based on a myriad of internal resources crafted to encourage the culture and love for ethics in each level of the group. These involve ethics correspondents, who work as the initial point of contact for the leaders such as managers as well as other workers in each country. Here there are information campaigns, mandatory e-learning programs, and dedicated events to encourage employees to speak out their views and also correct inappropriate behavior for the good of the group.

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