Michael Nierenberg makes smart investment management

When it comes to investment management, interest rates play an integral part. Interest rates, according to Martin Zweig, serve to “exert an enormous influence on stock prices” and can decide which was the stock market is headed.

Companies like New Residential Investment Corp were able to beat the odds with interest rates and become successful.

Interest rates join fixed rates in what is called an inverse relationship. This is where, if something rises in interest rate, it drops in fixed rate and vice versa.

Whether or not something scarce is valuable affects the price. For example, higher fixed rates would cause lower interest rates and the inverse is also true.

Things like credit risks and the yield curve also affect changes in price. Bond credit ratings that drop or rise cause the market value to drop or rise as well. Yield curves deals with long-term and short-term rates. Long-term rates under the price of short-term rates are inverted yield curves.

New Residential Investment Corp has managed to generate revenue by handling scenarios that bring fluctuating interest rates. Timing is everything and not knowing when it’s needed makes for prime investment opportunities.

New Residential Investment Corp takes advantages of investments with mortgage servicing assets and residential mortgage-backed securities. There are four investment strategies the company follows to manage interest rate inconsistencies for example.

Asset Specialization is when New Residential uses assets like excess MSRs and RMBS outside the agency. The excess MSRs skyrocket in value as interest rates are on the incline.

Active Management places New Residential in a solid space for changes to portfolios when situations are different. This way, their portfolio managers can operate around refinance assets the way they need to.

Undervalued Assets show New Residential taking advantage of particular investment opportunities. New Residential purchases mortgage portfolios that don’t do as well and repurposes them for loan workout strategies.

That’s an example of undervalued assets.

New Residential purchased businesses that manages mortgage servicing and loan origination to lower worries about mortgage pipelines in the near future.

Who Is Attorney Jeremy Goldstein

The name Jeremy Goldstein may not ring any bells for the majority of people who reside in the US. If you reside in the city of New York, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably heard of this particular name. Jeremy Goldstein of New York’s Jeremy Goldstein & Associates is very talented in finance acquisitions. He has basically built a wonderful life by doing so as this man has worked hand-to-hand with a number of affluent corporations. In just the past 10 years alone, Goldstein has been involved in some of the largest transactions in corporate America. Goldstein prides himself on doing great work, but he’s also very humble. He has been able to successfully navigate the field despite having a few setbacks from time to time.


Oracle, IBM, Bank of America, Phillips Corporation, the Dow Chemical Company, Verizon wireless, J.P. Morgan Chase, South African Breweries, AT&T Wireless Company, Texaco Corporation and Goldman Sachs are some of the companies that he has worked exclusively with throughout the years. Goldstein is an expert in advising. The guy has a M.A. from the University of Chicago, has a B.A. from Cornell University and has a J.D. from New York University. When it comes to accomplishments, this man has spared no expense. In addition to that, Jeremy Goldstein is on the Board of Directors for New York’s Fountain House. This particular nonprofit organization has become a gamechanger for people who suffer with mental disabilities. Fountain House has been going strong since the mid 1940s, and it was founded by Rockland State Hospital patients.


Transferring negative feeling into positive actions is something that Goldstein has partaking in throughout the years thanks to having many setbacks. If there was one type of advice that he could go back and give his younger self, this would be his actual advice. By turning negatives into positives, he has been able to build close relationships with many of his clients, and it has paid-off dearly. Jeremy Goldstein is simply winning at the game of life because he has changed the game by setting new trends.


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