Paul Herdsman Shares Tips On How To Support Employee Growth

Working as an employee compared to starting your own company is wildly different. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of guts, self-discipline, drive, energy, and the list goes on. Only some people actually succeed at entrepreneurship because it can be a test of your will. Paul Herdsman was not an expert when he first started NICE Global back in 2014, but with time and energy, he persevered. Now he is a pro at running his business and has advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

You have to create a working environment for your employees they want to come to each day. When you great happy company culture, then your employees will want to stay at your company. This ties directly into your company’s success. Keep it fun, exciting, involved, and rewarding for your employees. This means reward your employees for a job well done. No one can go on forever doing a job without any reward. Acknowledging and rewarding them will only inspire them to continue doing a good job because they feel valued. This translates completely to your company’s bottom line and longevity of success.

Your employees need a happy and upbeat working environment, but they also need to be thoroughly trained. Paul Herdsman is investing in training his employees, even after the initial training sessions. This way they know exactly what their role is, how to do it, and they have the confidence to do their job correctly. When employees know what they are doing, then business runs smoothly. When hiring your employees, make sure you hire the best. Good employees will want to do a good job and will put in the effort. Employees that are not there for the right reasons will only limit the potential of your company. This directly impacts your company in the end.

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