Betsy DeVos Aspires to Bring National Education Reform

When Betsy and Dick DeVos had their first child, it made them re-evaluate how they looked at the public school system. Knowing that the United States was struggling with regards to student scores, they knew that they had to be particular. After all, a child’s education is a huge factor in their growth to adulthood. The DeVos family toured many different education facilities before ending up at the Potter’s House Christian School. Potter’s House has long been one of the most respected educational facilities in all of Grand Rapids. The school has focused on providing education opportunities to low-income families and their mark on the community is impossible to ignore. After only a few minutes in the school, DeVos knew that something special was going on here. In fact, this visit would end up launching Betsy DeVos to the Washington D.C.


Betsy DeVos is currently the Secretary of Education. Serving under President Trump, Betsy DeVos was an outsider candidate that was brought into Washington D.C. in order to change up political norms. DeVos has been one of the loudest champions of education reform. She has gone on record as supporting voucher systems, tax credits, and even education saving accounts. DeVos may have started off as a member of the fringe, at least in terms of reformation is concerned, but she is no longer there. Thanks to Betsy DeVos and a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School, school choice has become a part of the political mainstream.


At the Potter’s House, DeVos saw a facility that was filled with electricity. Students were ready to learn and teachers were excited to do their part. DeVos quickly came to realize that this facility was tapping into something special and it would drive her to spread the word as far as she could. DeVos has since chaired several prominent national boards while establishing her own foundations along the way. DeVos has worked hand-in-hand with local and national leaders throughout the country with the goal of bringing educational choice to the highest levels of the government. After getting President Trump’s attention, DeVos found herself in a position to make change a reality.


Unfortunately, the political machine was designed to be slow. DeVos has worked hard since being confirmed by the Senate, but her time may be running out. With the 2020 elections around the corner, DeVos has to work hard to make sure she leaves an impact should President Trump lose his re-election bid. With that being said, DeVos has already had high-profile success. She’s managed to swing political focus toward the state of Florida and their tax credit system. With any luck and a lot of hard work, DeVos might be able to use Florida as a launching board for broader reform.


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