Paul Herdsman Shares Tips On How To Support Employee Growth

Working as an employee compared to starting your own company is wildly different. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of guts, self-discipline, drive, energy, and the list goes on. Only some people actually succeed at entrepreneurship because it can be a test of your will. Paul Herdsman was not an expert when he first started NICE Global back in 2014, but with time and energy, he persevered. Now he is a pro at running his business and has advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

You have to create a working environment for your employees they want to come to each day. When you great happy company culture, then your employees will want to stay at your company. This ties directly into your company’s success. Keep it fun, exciting, involved, and rewarding for your employees. This means reward your employees for a job well done. No one can go on forever doing a job without any reward. Acknowledging and rewarding them will only inspire them to continue doing a good job because they feel valued. This translates completely to your company’s bottom line and longevity of success.

Your employees need a happy and upbeat working environment, but they also need to be thoroughly trained. Paul Herdsman is investing in training his employees, even after the initial training sessions. This way they know exactly what their role is, how to do it, and they have the confidence to do their job correctly. When employees know what they are doing, then business runs smoothly. When hiring your employees, make sure you hire the best. Good employees will want to do a good job and will put in the effort. Employees that are not there for the right reasons will only limit the potential of your company. This directly impacts your company in the end.

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Turning challenges into incentives; the story of Guilherme Paulus.

Prizes Are My Rewards; Obstacles Are My Challenges. This is Guilherme Paulus favorite quote. You realize how important it is when you look back at his history, how he has been able to overcome the numerous challenges in his personal life and those that he faced as he tried to get his own businesses off the ground to become one of the wealthiest individuals not only in Brazil but in the world. In a country that is ranked 131st in difficulty in registering property and 170th in dealing with construction permits he has still been able not only to grow CVC from a tourist agency into one of the largest tour operators in the country but also to build one of the biggest networks of hotels in the country.

After running CVC since he was 24 years old in 1972, Guilherme Paulus has been able to see the Brazilian tourism industry grow to where it is today. Over the years he learned what was important and who kept customers coming back. By the time he sold a majority share of his company to an American private equity group he had already started working on a new idea within the industry. After listening to his clients, he had been able to identify the essential areas whey the hospitality industry was failing. He embarked on investing the money he had earned from his CVC sale in the GJP network. He was aware of what to do and what to avoid. There were numerous locations in Brazil that despite being tourist magnets were still under-served. He focused his outstanding efforts on these areas.

He would build his chain of more than 20 hotels and resorts and then employ some of the industry’s most qualified personnel to run them. For him, customer satisfaction comes first. Guilherme Paulus has also consciously chosen to create a relationship with his employees. Guilherme Paulus says that for any business to be successful the employees need to be as invested in its success as the owner. This way they will go out of their way to ensure that it succeeds. By all standards, Guilherme Paulus has succeeded in doing this. Click here.


Keeping the common people informed with Alex Hern

Alex Hern

It may come as a surprise to many on how these large social media companies are profiting from user data. Something that comes across as a free service has a large amount of money being made on the back end. Expert Alex Hern is also first when it comes to sharing this information to the public. Different countries are starting to step up there regulations when it comes to social media users data.

Alex Herns says about how Italy has fined facebook for its nefarious use of user data. Facebook has been known to mislead users in more ways than one. Building the trust back from the user base will be a tough act to accomplish. There is no way for a user to protect their data from Facebook unless they completely delete the application.

The social media giant has also been known to track the user’s whereabouts with there consent. Bringing this information to the light is what Alex Hern does best. Being well informed is a great way to combat what is going on in technological space. People are blessed that Alex Hern put his time and his outstanding effort into keeping the common people informed about what is happening with social media.


Dick DeVos Is A Man Of Action Who Continues To Work For Grand Rapids And The State Of Michigan

When the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan began to put the word out that it was considering building a sports and convention center near its downtown, Dick DeVos wasn’t having it. On paper, the idea sounded like a good one. Who wouldn’t want to have a large sports arena in their city? However, the problems that the building could cause were much deeper and more complex than most people in the city could imagine.


This was not the case for Dick DeVos, who could easily imagine the issues that the building would cause. He had witnessed something similar many years ago when the city of Detroit decided to build a large sports arena. The problem had nothing to do with the arena, itself, but more to do with the damage it caused when the Lions and Pistons left the city in the 1970s. DeVos did not want to see the same mistake repeated twice, and he wasn’t about to let it happen to the city he loved the most.


Instead of waiting for others to take action, he began to make some phone calls. During his efforts to lobby against the idea, he helped to form Grand Action. This is a group of business leaders who ended up being a part of the construction of many different helpful buildings in Grand Rapids. He has also been a part of improving the city’s educational sector by being a part of the creation of The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The charter school operates in an office on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and now serves hundreds of students.


As if he wasn’t busy enough, Dick DeVos was recently appointed to serve in the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He joins six other new members and will now serve on the 13-member council, which offers advice to the FAA. The group helps to direct the administration, and members serve for 3 years while keeping up with their positions in the private and public sector. DeVos has been a pilot for many years, and his love for the aviation industry is well known.


Jim Gill, chief executive officer of Ford airport, commented that Dick DeVos will be a huge asset to the council. He went further to point out that DeVos has deep roots in the aviation industry and that he has been a solid partner with the Ford airport. DeVos has a license to fly helicopters, single engine planes, and jets, and his enthusiasm for flying is said to be contagious.


Dick DeVos has been a part of efforts to improve the educational system in Michigan. He ran to serve as the state’s governor but lost to the incumbent Jennifer Granholm. He has worked with his wife, Betsy DeVos, through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has donated a lot of money to educational causes in the state. DeVos believes that a quality education is something that every student deserves, and he continues to do all he can to improve the educational offerings in his home country.


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Stream Energy Partners With Dallas Texas-Based Charities To Give People A Helping Hand

Stream Energy is an energy company that has created a philanthropy arm, which has functioned to change the lives of people through its giving. The company’s senior event manager, Kimberly Girard, has spoken about the company’s big heart and how it has plans to continue to fund new ways of giving back to the world and the communities it operates in. The state of Texas has been the largest recipient of the company’s giving up to this point, and it has given special attention to the city of Dallas.

Stream Energy’s leadership team and sales associates are passionate about helping others and did not miss a beat when Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston, Texas. Many people died during the hurricane, and many others lost their homes. Stream Energy did not hesitate to take action when the moment came, and it was one of the first companies to help through donations. Stream made a deep impression on the state as it did everything it could to improve the plight of the people who suffered there.

The Stream Cares Foundation is the name of the company’s philanthropy arm, and it has been supporting local charitable organizations for many years. The company joins other American companies who have donated more than $19 billion to many different charities in the United States. Stream Energy has been working with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross for a long time, and its direct selling business model has funded its giving.

Homelessness continues to plague the Dallas, Texas area, and Stream Energy has noted that the problem has increased by 24% recently. By partnering with the Hope Supply Co., the company has helped to offer food, clothing, and school supplies to many homeless people in need. Together, the two were able to respond with aid quickly when tornadoes ravaged parts of North Texas just one day after Christmas. By partnering with the Salvation Army, the associates of Stream were able to raise thousands of dollars for people in the northern part of the “Lone Star State.” Stream Energy matched their donations, and many peoples’ lives were changed.

The Non-stop Career of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is no doubt one of the most recognizable faces on American television, and rightfully so as his career has spanned across so many industries. The skilled broadcaster was first introduced to the world when he received his break out gig as the then co-host of the universally popular singing competition show “American Idol”. The Show allowed Seacrest to come into our homes every week and showcase his talents to really make the viewer fell apart of the show.

Quickly moving up the ranks, Seacrest would go on to produce a few of the American Idol episodes which gave him the experience and credentials to seek more positions in the field. Most notably, Ryan Seacrest was the man behind the hit reality T.V show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that skyrocketed the families fame in a pop=culture phenomenon.

Just when you think he’s done, Ryan Seacrest says not yet. Moving onto his business ventures, Ryan is the definition of an entrepreneur, with brands such as Macy’s exclusive Ryan Seacrest Distinction (A men’s apparel line) as well as an investment into “Polish” by Dr.Lancer, there is no doubt that this man is a jack of all trades.

Today, Ryan Seacrest keeps busy with his #1 rated L.A based radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and recently landing a co-hosting gig with Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” which is based out in New York City.

Even with all these ventures, Ryan always has time to give back in the form of the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The Foundation provides what Ryan calls “Media Centers” across the country within medical facilities. The “Media Centers” allow not only children from the hospital to have a distraction from their procedures but also acts as a training facility to local college students seeking a career in broadcasting.

Jason Hope On The Fight To End Untimely Aging

Jason Hope is a humanitarian as well as an investor with the passion of helping people in society. He uses most of his time researching origins. Anti-aging art is one of Jason Hope’s concentration.

Jason Hope conducted Anti-Aging research alongside other people. Each year, Strategy for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) holds a transformational biotechnology conference to discuss on the advantage of the meeting as everyone’s idea can be of help in coming up with a drug that can fight the adverse effect of aging.

SENS is a non-profit institution surviving on the private funding by professors, investigators, and fanatical investors. Jason Hope has been among the main donators for a couple of years and also a spoken protagonist of expanding anti-aging research.

In 2010, Jason Hope bestowed $500,000 to SENS together with other people’s contributions. The institution was able to build a laboratory and named it ‘Cambridge SENS laboratory.’ The remaining amount was used to start a fresh research program.

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During an interview, Jason Hope announced that he was happy to be part of the committee fighting against consequences of aging. He said that the organization is obliged to find a solution to the infection that destroys the body resulting in people getting old earlier than expected.

Jason Hope said that premature body’s breakdown is caused by Alzheimer’s illness and lung ailment. The disease affects the mind and lungs.

The SENS investigation foundation has initiated a package called Age Breaker. For any drug to qualify as an age breaker, it should meet the principles by break down.

The researcher as per now can differentiate between the animal and human tissues unlike in the last decades. The differentiation is an improvement in finding the solution to early aging and will also save the health of millions of people globally.

When people age, they lose the bodies elasticity both in skin and blood vessels. Specific ailments are tied to age, for example, arthritis. The philanthropist is optimistic that a solution to the disorder will be found soon. He encourages many people to come up and support the idea because it is worthy of help to everyone.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Gives His Thoughts On Dubai’s Future Outlook

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire property developer. DAMAC Properties is considered one of the largest luxury real estate developers in the Middle East. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is one of the wealthiest men in the World.

About Dubai

Recently, DAMAC owner and real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani talked about how the conflict in the Middle East has actually helped Dubai. Dubai is considered one of the most popular places in The United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the home of many recent technological advancements. The city is hoping to create a passport free airport, along with the World’s first government that is run on blockchain technology. Dubai also launched EmCash, the World’s first government backed cryptocurrency. The city has also started using distributed ledger technology. Investors see a lot of potential in the technologically advanced areas of the city.

How Dubai Benefits

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the World. Dubai often hosts people from Egypt, Kuwait, and Iraq during times of crisis. Sajwani says that Dubai has benefited from the conflicts going on around the city. Dubai’s trade leverage increased during the Iraq-Iran War. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, thousands of people migrated to The United Arab Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani also believes that Dubai benefited from the collapse of Somalia. Dubai’s economy became more attractive due to its security and location on the map. Thousands of Somali citizens now reside in Dubai, as they run their export and import businesses. However, the government recently announced restrictions on Somalian immigration into Dubai.

Dubai remains an intriguing place where investors could potentially receive a good return. Because of its emerging stature throughout the World, Dubai is expanding its connections throughout The Middle East. In the future, Dubai seems poised to join London and New York as one of the World’s top cities for potential business opportunities. The city recognizes its status as the bridge between The Middle East and the rest of the World.

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Ryan Seacrest : He Can Do It All

Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s most recognizable figures, his time as the host and producer of American Idol is where we first were introduced to Seacrest and his incredible ability to make the viewer feel apart of the show. Since then Ryan Seacrest has gone to be an award-winning creative entrepreneur as well as a number of other gigs that he currently works on.

Ryan Seacrest’s interest has taken him to all aspects of the entertainment industry, including creating a men’s clothing line named “Distinction” that offers tailored apparel and can only be found in Macy’s in part to an exclusivity deal. Ryan Seacrest has made it very public about his struggles with acne, so he’s created that struggle into an opportunity with his skincare line “Polished” a partnership venture by the creator of the product Dr. Lancer. Recently, however, Seacrest’s current big move has been taking over as co-host of the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” after the departure of Michael Strahan. The move came as a sudrprise to everyone because currently, Ryan is the host of one of Los Angeles most popular radio shows “On Air with Ryan“. No doubt this move has increased his work, but for Ryan Seacrest, it’s just another way to express his talents.

In a recent interview, Ryan Seacrest was asked how he deals with so much work. Ryan explained that it’s all about taking care of his mental state first, he comments that before he felt bad for not answering every phone call or working out during lunch, but now he understands that its a vital component to keeping yourself sane and productive overall.

Even with all this in his life, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) still makes time to contribute and be apart of his foundation the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that has brought so much good to pediatric hospitals facilities across the country. The foundation builds media centers to introduce patients and students from local school to the world of broadcasting, currently, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been able to build over 10 media centers across the nation.


Victoria Doramus Supports Best Friends Animal Society

Creative marketer Victoria Doramus is a recovering addict who now supports causes that tickle her fancy. She loves to help other creatures—both humans and animals. She supports charitable organizations that help humans,though she also supports charitable organizations that help animals. The animal organization that she helps is Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Animal Society is an organization that saves animals from getting killed in shelters. The organization was founded in the 1980s. At the time, animals who went into shelters were eventually killed. The ones who were killed first were usually sick and/or old. On average, 17 million were killed every year. A group of friends did not like what was going on, so they decided to save some of these animals by taking them in. They took care of animals were old and sick. Eventually, most of the animals who they saved completely healed and were adopted out to loving families.

Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus likes Best Friends Animal Society because of the fact that they help animals with troubled pasts. She can actually relate to animals because she has has a troubled past, and she has been rehabbed and taken back in as a functioning member of society. The problem of addiction haunted her life for many years until she stepped up and finally put an end to it. Just like people with problems, animals need love, care and patience. No animal should be left to die just because he/she is sick and or has a negative past. Best Friends Animal Society makes sure that animals get medical attention, acceptance and love. People are welcome to donate to Best Friends Animal Society. They are also encouraged to adopt animals to give them loving homes.

Victoria Doramus has gone down a long, rocky road of stimulant addiction for many years. However, she is not the stereotype of dirty, crazy, out of shape “drug addict.” She is a beautiful, young woman who has a bachelor’s degree, is well educated and has held many jobs.