Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Receives Another Award For His Brilliant Work With CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a Brazilian automobile entrepreneur who was recently honored with the Executive of the Year award. He was chosen to receive the award for many different reasons, and one of these was that he led his company, CAOA, into another year as the leader of sales of vehicles in Brazil. The award was given to him by the magazine AutoEsporte and honored him for his work in 2018 as the company made an agreement with Chery. This agreement has paved the way for the construction of CAOA CHERY, which will see a new assembly plant created in Brazil.

The agreement between the two companies, which was fostered by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, has been very successful so far. In 2018, CAOA CHERY saw a record growth of auto sales, which has greatly improved upon its position in the Brazilian automobile sector. New products will soon be on the way, and one of these was Tiggo2, which is the first automobile auto to be released after the partnership. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, in cooperation with CHERY, has also revealed that CAOA CHERY will be releasing hybrid vehicles as well as electric vehicles.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade admitted that he felt honored by the tribute to him and also commented that receiving it means his company is doing something right. He went further to talk more about how he is working on exciting new partnerships as well as revisiting old partnerships in order to strengthen them. He continues to work hard to make CAOA the largest vehicle production and distribution conglomerate in the country of Brazil.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded CAOA in 1979 and continues to work as the company’s chairman. The company was created when Andrade, who was an expert in medicine at the time, paid for a vehicle that he never received. The car company was set to go bankrupt, but Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade insisted that the company be turned over to him because his car was never delivered. After this, it only took him a little over half of a decade to make CAOA the largest Ford dealership in Latin America.

Herbalife Nutrition: A Holistic Science-backed Approach to Healthy Living

Nutritional supplements come at different shapes and prices. Some have over-hyped properties with no scientific proof. With new supplements being released into the market on a daily basis, it is common for customers to feel overwhelmed and confused by the many choices presented at them. Finding a trusted nutritional supplements provider can, therefore, be a daunting task. Many people interested in healthy life are discouraged because they don’t trust the various options available in the market. For over two decades, Herbalife Nutrition has stepped into the knowledge gap to dispel these misgivings and fears with its brand of scientific-backed nutritional supplements to help you attain a holistic healthy living lifestyle.


Ushering Soon-to-be Moms into a New and Exciting Phase of Life


Childbirth is physically and mentally tasking. However, it ushers women into a new phase of life that is even more challenging: taking care of a newborn including breastfeeding while also recovering from childbirth, and doing other house chores and professional duties. This translates into an intake of thousands of calories per day. New mothers should, therefore, eat a balanced and healthy diet high in high-energy carbohydrates including lentils, nuts and whole grain bread among others. The diet should also include fruits and vegetables with high fiber and rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Recovery after childbirth also requires eating lean protein such as poultry and fish and avoiding processed foods with saturated fat. In recognition of the challenges associated with getting all essential nutrients your body needs within your diet, Herbalife Nutrition has come up with a nutrition supplement that enables new mothers to meet their daily holistic dietary needs. The For Wellness Booster is specially formulated with a wide range of minerals and nutrients scientifically proven to meet the energy needs of new moms. The supplement contains various vitamins and mineral such as calcium which is specially blended to help boost immunity and blood levels, increase energy reserves, and build and maintain bone mass necessary for keeping up with the daily routines of raising an infant or toddler while also performing other tasks such as fitness training and exercise.

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Towards Personalized Healthy Alternatives


Since its founding in the 1980s, Herbalife Nutrition has developed a reputation as one of the leading providers of holistic solutions to healthy living that extends beyond nutritional products. Its broad range of products including inulin supplement is aimed at targeted nutrition improvement by boosting the growth of natural stomach probiotics and gut-friendly prebiotics. The company uses a network of distributors who are dedicated to improving the health of their communities with innovative health activities that have proven to be useful in various communities.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Gives His Thoughts On Dubai’s Future Outlook

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire property developer. DAMAC Properties is considered one of the largest luxury real estate developers in the Middle East. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is one of the wealthiest men in the World.

About Dubai

Recently, DAMAC owner and real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani talked about how the conflict in the Middle East has actually helped Dubai. Dubai is considered one of the most popular places in The United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the home of many recent technological advancements. The city is hoping to create a passport free airport, along with the World’s first government that is run on blockchain technology. Dubai also launched EmCash, the World’s first government backed cryptocurrency. The city has also started using distributed ledger technology. Investors see a lot of potential in the technologically advanced areas of the city.

How Dubai Benefits

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the World. Dubai often hosts people from Egypt, Kuwait, and Iraq during times of crisis. Sajwani says that Dubai has benefited from the conflicts going on around the city. Dubai’s trade leverage increased during the Iraq-Iran War. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, thousands of people migrated to The United Arab Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani also believes that Dubai benefited from the collapse of Somalia. Dubai’s economy became more attractive due to its security and location on the map. Thousands of Somali citizens now reside in Dubai, as they run their export and import businesses. However, the government recently announced restrictions on Somalian immigration into Dubai.

Dubai remains an intriguing place where investors could potentially receive a good return. Because of its emerging stature throughout the World, Dubai is expanding its connections throughout The Middle East. In the future, Dubai seems poised to join London and New York as one of the World’s top cities for potential business opportunities. The city recognizes its status as the bridge between The Middle East and the rest of the World.

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Matt Badiali Clears Doubt over Freedom Checks through his Newsletter

With so many people trying to find ways to make money, it is best to go with the tried and tested method. One of the investment methods that has been tried and tested by many and has proven to be effective is investments in the master limited partnership companies. These are the companies that are operational in the natural resources sector and are under the compliance of the government guidelines that state that they have to share ninety percent of their profits with the shareholders. It means that if you invest in these companies, you would be getting a regular share of their profits. Matt Badiali, a financial and investment expertise as well as a professional geologist, has been asking people to invest in certain MLP companies.

Matt Badiali says that by investing in the companies he is suggesting, it would become easier for the investors to get Freedom Checks. It would free you of all the financial worries and ensure that your future is safe and secure financially. The financial markets are volatile, and you need to take the right steps at the right time to safeguard the future of yours and your family in financial terms. Getting Freedom Checks from the investments in MLP companies would ensure that you are able to make ends meet successfully and can live the kind of life you always wanted. The amount you get in Freedom Checks from the MLP companies depend on the amount of your initial investments, and you can incrementally increase the amount of your investments as your faith in it grows.

With so many financial scams out there, it is no surprise that people thought that Freedom Checks is also not legit and many people believed that it was a big scam too. But, Matt Badiali has helped answer questions about Freedom Checks so that people do not miss out on a great opportunity. He advises people to do their research and then pick profitable MLP companies and invest in them. If they make the right decision, they are surely going to gain huge profits from the company and grow their wealth.

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Education Secretary Betsy Devos

The brand new GOP chief of the Education Department Mrs. DeVos has also been interrogated before the Senate committee which is in charge of authenticating prearranged appointments to the federal government. Moreover, you should keep this in mind: The DeVos family is famous in the Midwest. Her residential state of Michigan is additionally an area that has seen the formation of numerous charter faculties, and these are non-public institutions to a degree funded by general public revenue.


She seems to have, on the other hand, furthermore drawn mockery for encouraging the utilization of rifles in an academic institution in Wyoming to safeguard kids from bears, even though the state’s legal guidelines restrict this usage. The Vice President Mr. Pence further rationalized that the vote to validate her in the Senate would support virtually all young people and allow them a good chance to attain the most beneficial education possible. On top of that, educational professionals, in addition to teachers’ unions, without a doubt surely have criticized her for dedicating her current endeavors to the goal of privatizing academics.


A national strategy at the same time happens to have been brought into existence across the nation, with senators receiving letters and phone messages from her enemies as well as her fans. Besides that, a pair of the fifty-two GOP member of the Senate worked together with the forty-eight liberals to try to find a way to block the approval of Mrs. DeVos. At the same time, Mrs. DeVos was incorrect on the subject of the sum of the escalating volume of financial debt retained by students.


Mrs. DeVos has additionally emphatically suggested, following a situation in place in Wyoming, that firearms indeed should be regarded as suitable for pupils to defend themselves against untamed beasts. As a consequence, Mrs. DeVos advocated, following this example in Wyoming, that weapons should be viewed as acceptable from time to time to supply defense against untamed fauna. Additionally, the charter institutions she supports are non-public academic institutions which happen to be to a degree supported by monies from the public arena.


At the same time, when she was quizzed by a Democratic senator, the soon-to-be chief of the Education Department was not able to produce a specific guarantee never to privatize public, academic institutions or perhaps decrease the public education funding. Mrs. DeVos is furthermore politically popular in her residential state of Michigan. Mrs. DeVos was also chosen by Mr. Trump, the present president of the United States, to take up the job of Secretary of Education. However, his choice of the GOP billionaire Mrs. DeVos continues to be disputed frequently.


On the other hand, you should never forget that decisions regarding educational training are often taken care of by state governments in addition to town governments. Furthermore, this statement applies mutually for academic plans as well as the employment of teachers for various training courses. Additionally, Mrs. DeVos is one of the most controversial of President Trump’s division chieftains, as a consequence of her reformist posture on the subject of open public and academic faculties.


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Alastair Borthwick; Story Behind The Scottish Adventurous Author

Alastair Borthwick was born 17th February 1913 and led a fulfilling life until his death in 25th September 2003 at the age of 90. He was a professional broadcaster, journalist and author who dedicated his life to exploring what more the world would offer and even wrote two books to his name. Borthwick was born in Rutherglen and then moved to Troon and later to Glasgow where he lived in his childhood years. He was admitted to Glasgow high school, and after completion at the tender age of 16, he began his career journey at Glasgow Herald.

Alastair Borthwick handled light duties such as taking notes and quotations from clients and later upgraded to being an editor in the column papers. His contribution to the paper’s column “Open Air” brought Borthwick to the limelight as he stroked very insightful pieces on the Glasgow hillwalking and climbing sceneries. This was going to be the start of something huge, and in 1935 Alastair landed a job with the Daily Mirror, then an upcoming daily in London.

Alastair Borthwick felt that the Daily Mirror job made a significant impact on his career in journalism, but London’s lifestyle did not augur well with the upcoming author. In an article post from Chronicle Week, it says that a year into working for the Daily Mirror, he left and went back to Glasgow where he took a job offer at BBC and worked as a radio correspondent. In 1939, a collection of issues he has written while working for Glasgow Herald was released to the public under the title “Always a little further.” Contrary to the publisher’s expectation, the publication received a wide and positive response as it helped build a new concept changing various sports activities into a common sport initially regarded to be for the rich.

Following the second world war, Borthwick was absorbed into the Battalion as an intelligence officer. Upon ending of the war, Borthwick wrote a book based on the Batallion experience and history. The book was published in 1946 with the title “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders.” In the next years, he continued to work as a journalist working for BBC and later to television where he produced programs for Grampian TV. Grab your copy of Alastair’s book on

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Ryan Seacrest : He Can Do It All

Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s most recognizable figures, his time as the host and producer of American Idol is where we first were introduced to Seacrest and his incredible ability to make the viewer feel apart of the show. Since then Ryan Seacrest has gone to be an award-winning creative entrepreneur as well as a number of other gigs that he currently works on.

Ryan Seacrest’s interest has taken him to all aspects of the entertainment industry, including creating a men’s clothing line named “Distinction” that offers tailored apparel and can only be found in Macy’s in part to an exclusivity deal. Ryan Seacrest has made it very public about his struggles with acne, so he’s created that struggle into an opportunity with his skincare line “Polished” a partnership venture by the creator of the product Dr. Lancer. Recently, however, Seacrest’s current big move has been taking over as co-host of the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” after the departure of Michael Strahan. The move came as a sudrprise to everyone because currently, Ryan is the host of one of Los Angeles most popular radio shows “On Air with Ryan“. No doubt this move has increased his work, but for Ryan Seacrest, it’s just another way to express his talents.

In a recent interview, Ryan Seacrest was asked how he deals with so much work. Ryan explained that it’s all about taking care of his mental state first, he comments that before he felt bad for not answering every phone call or working out during lunch, but now he understands that its a vital component to keeping yourself sane and productive overall.

Even with all this in his life, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) still makes time to contribute and be apart of his foundation the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that has brought so much good to pediatric hospitals facilities across the country. The foundation builds media centers to introduce patients and students from local school to the world of broadcasting, currently, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been able to build over 10 media centers across the nation.


Victoria Doramus Supports Best Friends Animal Society

Creative marketer Victoria Doramus is a recovering addict who now supports causes that tickle her fancy. She loves to help other creatures—both humans and animals. She supports charitable organizations that help humans,though she also supports charitable organizations that help animals. The animal organization that she helps is Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Animal Society is an organization that saves animals from getting killed in shelters. The organization was founded in the 1980s. At the time, animals who went into shelters were eventually killed. The ones who were killed first were usually sick and/or old. On average, 17 million were killed every year. A group of friends did not like what was going on, so they decided to save some of these animals by taking them in. They took care of animals were old and sick. Eventually, most of the animals who they saved completely healed and were adopted out to loving families.

Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus likes Best Friends Animal Society because of the fact that they help animals with troubled pasts. She can actually relate to animals because she has has a troubled past, and she has been rehabbed and taken back in as a functioning member of society. The problem of addiction haunted her life for many years until she stepped up and finally put an end to it. Just like people with problems, animals need love, care and patience. No animal should be left to die just because he/she is sick and or has a negative past. Best Friends Animal Society makes sure that animals get medical attention, acceptance and love. People are welcome to donate to Best Friends Animal Society. They are also encouraged to adopt animals to give them loving homes.

Victoria Doramus has gone down a long, rocky road of stimulant addiction for many years. However, she is not the stereotype of dirty, crazy, out of shape “drug addict.” She is a beautiful, young woman who has a bachelor’s degree, is well educated and has held many jobs.

OSI Group Becomes Environmentally Friendly

Today, OSI Group has a net worth of $6.1 billion with over 20,000 employees working at over 65 plants spread across in 17 countries worldwide. Their explosive growth has been dependant on two continuing factors: product quality and technical innovation.

As McDonald’s Corporation began expanding into the Illinois area, they needed a wholesale supplier of hamburger patties. By this time, Otto & Sons had established a reputation for providing quality meats to the Chicago area. Ray Kroc chose Otto & Sons to provide McDonald’s hamburger patties.

Otto & Sons were one of the first companies to adopt a new preservation technology called flash freezing, cryogenically freezing hamburger patties using liquid nitrogen. This allowed the beef patties to transported over longer distances without any drop in quality.

By 1973, Otto & Sons finished construction of a technically advanced facility in West Chicago, Illinois. It was devoted solely to producing products for McDonald’s restaurants. The new plant enabled Otto & Sons to go from being one of more than a hundred suppliers to McDonald’s restaurants to become one of four primary McDonald’s suppliers. Visit

Today, OSI Group provides value-added products to Burger King, KFC, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, and WingStreet, in addition to mainstay McDonald’s. OSI’s continued expansion means that it now supplies, not just meat and poultry products, but also fruits and vegetables.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Sheldon Lavin continues to ensure that OSI Group’s plants were remodeled to make operations environmentally sustainable. Under his leadership, OSI Group created two Culinary Innovation Centers – one in the United States and one in China – with a Research and Development Center in the Chicago area. The financial investments necessary to create the centers help OSI Groups develop cutting-edge techniques in efficient operations, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring environmental sustainability.

In 2017, OSI Group created the core leadership position of chief sustainability officer and appointed Nicole Johnson-Hoffman to that position. Going forward, Nicole will supervise OSI Group’s overall global sustainability strategy. Read more on

JD.Com is Expanding its Global Presence through the Launch of Central Group and Partnership with Prominent E-commerce Companies

JD.Com is Expanding its Global Presence through the Launch of Central Group and Partnership with Prominent E-commerce Companies

JD is teaming up with a top Thai retail conglomerate called Central Group to make inroads in South Asia with the unveiling of its “JD Central” e-commerce platform. The new online platform is set to launch on September 28 further expanding JD’s presence in the region that already consists of reputable Indonesia-based e-commerce platform and a leading B2C e-commerce business in Tiki.

What Services Does JD Central Provide?

Previously launched for test operations during JD’s anniversary on June 18, JD Central provides direct sales as well as marketplace models. Since the opening, sales have surpassed expectations. The site has the following categories: electronics, fashion, books, digital products, music, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like processed foods, beverages, toiletries, and beauty products. As of now, about 80 percent of shoppers have visited the platform through smartphones, with some of the top-selling categories being mobile devices, FMCG, and fashion. The popular products in this e-commerce platform are from Chinese brands like Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus.

State-of-the-art Technology

Leveraging its groundbreaking technology, JD has developed the most progressive retail operation in the world. Currently, it is focusing on delivering its exceptional logistics expertise and unparalleled delivery speed to its Thai clients. It powers JD Central’s warehouses using its cutting-edge Warehouse Management System. The new e-commerce business will put smiles on the faces of many residents of Thai capital, Bangkok, by providing same-day delivery. It will also take advantage of its connection with many local delivery companies to provide a nationwide coverage.

San Miguel Partners with

In line with its Global Fruit Strategic Alliance program, has secured a partnership deal with San Miguel to market and improve sales of fresh produce. San Miguel is a top citrus company based in the Southern Hemisphere. Through this partnership, will improve the market activity of vegetables and fruits across the globe. Other than San Miguel, 18 other globally recognized fruit producers, including Wonderful Citrus and Zespri, have also signed the partnership deal. In his speech at the presentation event, the head of JD.Com’s food division, WU Zhengzhi, said that the cooperation agreement would help the company expand on a global scale while helping their partners make inroads in the Chinese market. On his part, San Miguel’s commercial manager, Andres Haloua, pointed out that the deal will help them get closer to their clients.